Hybrid Literature: Ruth Ozeki’s A Tale for the Time Being

As a scholar of contemporary literature, I have naturally been drawn to the incredible literary innovation that has exploded in the wake of digital developments. I’m certainly not alone in my interest, and critics such as Katherine Hayles, Marie-Laure Ryan, Wolfgang Hallet, and Jan-Noël Thon have discussed the role of new media in literary studies,…. Continue reading “Hybrid Literature: Ruth Ozeki’s A Tale for the Time Being”.

3D printing for fun and presentation

This post is a quick update on a couple of projects by students who frequent the makerspace. All of the students who use the space are doing amazing things, and we hope to highlight some of those projects like this more often. The project write ups are written by the students themselves. So without further…. Continue reading “3D printing for fun and presentation”.

Are you our next Head of Graduate Programs?

“We build up people and practices more than products.” That’s part of our charter, and the Head of Graduate Programs is essential to this mission.  We in the Scholars’ Lab and University of Virginia Library are thrilled to alert you to the new job posting https://jobs.virginia.edu/applicants/Central?quickFind=80148 As the description on the University of Virginia job…. Continue reading “Are you our next Head of Graduate Programs?”.

Coming soon: DH@UVA Conference Oct. 14&15, 2016

After you enjoy NEH@50 celebrations, and in between this fall’s workshops and speakers, come to an intimate conference on digital humanities, right here on Grounds, Friday and Saturday October 14 and 15, 2016.  We’ve been developing an interesting conference program aimed at building the DH community at UVA.  At this event we’ll also be further…. Continue reading “Coming soon: DH@UVA Conference Oct. 14&15, 2016”.

Fall 2016 UVa Library GIS Workshops Series

Fall 2016 UVa Library GIS Workshop Series All sessions are one hour and assume participants have no previous experience using GIS.  Sessions will be hands-on with step-by-step tutorials and expert assistance.  All sessions will be taught on Wednesdays from 3PM to 4PM in the Alderman Electronic Classroom, ALD 421 (adjacent to the Scholars’ Lab) and…. Continue reading “Fall 2016 UVa Library GIS Workshops Series”.

Programmatically Building High-level Charts with Bokeh

A couple of months ago, while preparing for the Digital Humanities 2016 conference, I was trying to build a series of charts to visualize data results from some topic modeling I had done. Specifically, I had a data file in which each row was a document and the columns were topic proportions. Reading across any…. Continue reading “Programmatically Building High-level Charts with Bokeh”.

Neatline Implementation Grant

You may have noticed on Twitter or elsewhere that the NEH announced funding for almost 300 humanities projects. Congratulations to all! One of the projects awarded was our Neatline Omeka plugin! We’re really excited by the possibilities that this will open up for this project and the ways that we’re planning on improving it. So…. Continue reading “Neatline Implementation Grant”.

Robocamp 2016

I had the pleasure of spending a week with the folks in the Architecture School learning and playing with their Kuka robot (named Karl, http://www.robotsinarchitecture.org/). This was the first run of a hopefully recurring camp to introduce faculty and staff to the robot arm in the Fab-lab in the A-school. Most of the participants were…. Continue reading “Robocamp 2016”.

Lower the Stakes

I recently received the greatest compliment on my technical training ability that I’ve ever gotten. When the Seminar on the Acquisition of Latin American Library Materials (SALALM) conference was held here at UVA this past May, I led a Neatline workshop for 45 attendees of the conference. For 90 minutes, we worked through the Lab’s…. Continue reading “Lower the Stakes”.

What has Scholars’ Lab been up to? Or, a community of practice, communicating.

Like any active research/development/teaching/service team, the Scholars’ Lab faces a challenge keeping up with each others’ diverse collaborations, and communicating what we do.  Since January, I’ve learned about the Library’s systems of recording interactions with students and faculty, and I’ve encountered various applications that will somehow track our data, but I think we need more…. Continue reading “What has Scholars’ Lab been up to? Or, a community of practice, communicating.”.