Saving Arduino Sensor Data

We had a need to take the temperature of an environment over a period of time, and record those temperatures for later analysis. There are a number of options for recording sensor data. If connected to a computer, the data can be saved by reading the serial output and storing that in a file. If…. Continue reading “Saving Arduino Sensor Data”.

Eggs and Baskets: Lessons on Data Foraging

It’s been a (long) while since my inaugural post on my Data Science Fellowship project. This post takes the form of a piece of advice for other soon-to-be data gathers, and it comes down to this: don’t put all your eggs in one basket. It sounds cliché, and—in retrospect at least—extremely obvious. But it is…. Continue reading “Eggs and Baskets: Lessons on Data Foraging”.

Teaching Archaeology of the Middle East in the Time of Daesh: the Merits of Incorporating Allahyari’s “Material Speculation” with 3D Printing

Cross-posted on my personal blog. Anthropology Ph.D. Candidate Sue Ann McCarty frequently visits the Makerspace to print archaeological artifacts. Over multiple conversations, we’ve discovered that we share a similar passion for 3D modeling and printing in the classroom. Sue Ann recently applied her research to a course she taught at James Madison University, and I…. Continue reading “Teaching Archaeology of the Middle East in the Time of Daesh: the Merits of Incorporating Allahyari’s “Material Speculation” with 3D Printing”.

3D Printing in the Classroom: Course Assignments and the Makerspace

Cross-posted on my personal blog.  During the first week of the spring semester, the Makerspace was a flurry of activity, our Ultimaker 2 printing feverishly throughout the day. Groups of students came in and out, selecting and slicing models, checking on their 3D prints, and assembling different components. This week marked the beginning of a…. Continue reading “3D Printing in the Classroom: Course Assignments and the Makerspace”.

Welcome, Alison Booth!

We have some big news! The Scholars’ Lab is thrilled to welcome Alison Booth as our new academic director! Professor Alison Booth, a Department of English faculty member and a preeminent scholar of digital humanities, has been appointed academic director of the University of Virginia’s Scholars’ Lab, Arts & Sciences Dean Ian Baucom and Dean…. Continue reading “Welcome, Alison Booth!”.

Bigger nozzles, faster printing

This week at the SLab Makerspace, we’ve been experimenting with faster 3D printing at lowering resolutions with larger extruder nozzles. The diameter of the standard Ultimaker 2 nozzle/block assembly is 0.4mm. When we recently installed Anders Olsson’s upgraded heater block (after the stock thermocouple end came off inside of our OEM heater block), we gained the ability to…. Continue reading “Bigger nozzles, faster printing”.

Apply for 2016-2017 Graduate Fellowship in Digital Humanities

The Scholars’ Lab is proud to announce that applications for our prestigious Graduate Fellowship in the Digital Humanities are being accepted for the 2016-2017 academic year. Applications are due February 26, 2016. The fellowship supports ABD graduate students doing innovative work in the digital humanities at the University of Virginia. The Scholars’ Lab offers Grad…. Continue reading “Apply for 2016-2017 Graduate Fellowship in Digital Humanities”.

Ready for Praxis? Apply by February 26 for the 2016-2017 cohort

UVa grad students! Apply by February 26 for a unique, funded opportunity to work with an interdisciplinary group of your peers, learning digital humanities skills from the experts, and collaboratively designing and executing an innovative digital project. The 2015-2016 Praxis cohort is in full swing, thanks to a generous support by UVa Library and GSAS.…. Continue reading “Ready for Praxis? Apply by February 26 for the 2016-2017 cohort”.

Working with D3, Part 2

When did I eat all those candies? This second visualization will answer the above question, and also which candies I ate. This visualization will show each day, and within each day it will show the time period that I had candy, and an image of the candy will designate what kind of candy, and how…. Continue reading “Working with D3, Part 2”.

Working with D3, Part One.

Track-n-Treat Halloween is great. Free candy. And I have six kids to go out and get it for me. I cull some of the finest chocolates from their bags after trick-or-treating and enjoy them throughout the next week. We usually eat everything within a week… This year I decided to track how much candy I…. Continue reading “Working with D3, Part One.”.