New Developments for the Praxis Network

The Praxis Network was developed as part of a 2012-2013 Scholarly Communication Institute focused on graduate education. Its goal is to share model programs that are engaged in methodological training and collaborative research in the humanities. Deeply invested in demystifying collaborative, iterative, and public work, Praxis Network programs prep students to have a broader view of the humanities.

The first iteration of the Praxis Network was simply about sharing the model of these aligned, but differently inflected programs. This next phase is about deepening the connections among programs, exploring ways to facilitate networking our students, and to create a space for other interesting, similarly oriented programs to share their missions. Two new directories have been added as a first step towards identifying and strengthening networks among students and programs. The Student Directory highlights the research interests of Praxis Network students.

The Directory of Related Programs showcases like-minded programs invested in rethinking humanities methodological training and fellowships in the digital humanities. Do you run a similar effort? Add your program!

The Scholars' Lab fosters a vibrant graduate community, rich with alumni, current fellows, student assistants, and fellow travelers. As the Head of Graduate Programs, I coordinate our two fellowship programs, the Graduate Fellowship in Digital Humanities and our innovative Praxis Program. In addition, I work with the international Praxis Network, which showcases new models of…

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