Hot off the Presses 2: BagIt Plugin

Canvas Bag - Tutorial24
Photo by kittybabylove Creative Commons License

Continuing our roll-out of Omeka plugins we’ve been working on here at the Scholars’ Lab, I’m pleased to announce the BagIt plugin for Omeka.

BagIt is a specification by the Library of Congress for creating containers of files with metadata. However, the files don’t actually have to be in the container. There is a fetch.txt file, which lists URLs for content to add to the container when you take everything out of it.

The first part of this release is the BagIt PHP library. This is a generic PHP library for working with BagIt files. We announced an earlier version of this here, but we’ve updated it and fixed some bugs. If you’re using it, you may want to grab the latest copy of it.

The second part is the BagIt Omeka plugin. This is built upon the BagIt library and provides an easy-to-use user interface for it. You can create a bag from a set of Omeka files. You can ingest bags into the Omeka Dropbox plugin, and from there you can attach them to items.

This plugin does have a couple of requirements. Both the library and the plugin require the Archive_Tar PHP library, and the plugin depends on the Dropbox plugin.

You can find the download on the BagIt plugin page. The code is hosted on the BagItPHP github page and the BagItPlugin github page. If you have any feedback about the library or the plugin, find any bugs, or want to suggest a feature, visit the issues page. And if you have questions, feel free to post in the Omeka forums.

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