Connect, Create, Inspire: the Ivanhoe Game returns!

The Scholars’ Lab Praxis Fellows are thrilled to announce the beta release of the Ivanhoe Game!  Ivanhoe is a collaborative role-playing game in which players make critical interventions in a text, cultural object, or topic to help them learn.  Ivanhoe is about connecting ideas, crafting new interpretations, and inspiring creative scholarship. The Ivanhoe Game is…. Continue reading “Connect, Create, Inspire: the Ivanhoe Game returns!”.

(Digest #6) Announcing the Ivanhoe Information Website and Beginning of Testing

Yesterday we celebrated the Day of DH by preparing for internal testing of the Ivanhoe Game WP Theme.  The entire team is now scurrying to make some finishing touches to the theme, info site, and documentation before our testers begin their games.  Development has been working to stabilize roles and the role journal features, and…. Continue reading “(Digest #6) Announcing the Ivanhoe Information Website and Beginning of Testing”.

Call for Ivanhoe Testers!

This year’s Praxis fellows are in the last couple weeks of programming before our release of the new Ivanhoe Game (rebuilt as a WordPress Theme), and we are looking for people to test the program. The Ivanhoe Game is a pedagogical and critical tool which enables scholars or students to generate discussion and criticism on…. Continue reading “Call for Ivanhoe Testers!”.

Praxis Weekly Digest #2

This week, Praxis has made some very exciting progress.  Eliza, Scott, and Veronica continue to work on our WordPress Theme.  As Veronica mentioned in her post, “Foreign Languages and Ivanhoe Progress,” the challenge the Development team faces this week is figuring out how to create links between moves which respond to other moves.  For instance,…. Continue reading “Praxis Weekly Digest #2”.

Foreign Languages and Ivanhoe Progress

Eight years ago, I sat staring at my Latin prose composition homework. The assignment was to translate a few sentences and a couple of short, not-particularly-complex paragraphs from English into Latin. In that precise moment, however, it would have been equally effective to ask me to go find and slay a fire-breathing dragon, since the…. Continue reading “Foreign Languages and Ivanhoe Progress”.

Help us design the Ivanhoe Game!

Attention, game players and digital-pedagogy enthusiasts! This year’s Praxis Program is rebooting SpecLab’s Ivanhoe Game as a WordPress theme that users can install on their own websites and style and configure according to their individual needs. We would greatly appreciate feedback on the ways potential users already employ WordPress in their course websites or personal…. Continue reading “Help us design the Ivanhoe Game!”.

WordPress Pharma Hack

A few weeks ago I was walking to my car and was copied on an email from the director of the IT department for the UVa Library: It appears that website redacted has been commandeered…hacked.. Beware if you use windows as there is a malware service running…. Just the kind of email you love to…. Continue reading “WordPress Pharma Hack”.