Praxis Holidays

Just before we departed for the break, Stephanie and I met with Jeremy to talk over some of our wireframes for Ivanhoe.  (Stephanie discussed our wireframing process in her post.)  “Right,” Jeremy told us.  “You’re going to want to clone the files that I’ve already created and start from there.” We blinked at him.  “Cloning?”…. Continue reading “Praxis Holidays”.

Turning points in Praxis: new roles, wire-frames, and programming languages

The last couple of weeks have been exciting ones in our program.  Our team has now specified our individual roles for the year.  Eliza, Scott, and Veronica will be our coders; Francesca and Zach will be the design team; and I will be performing project management duties, with assistance from Francesca.  I am excited to…. Continue reading “Turning points in Praxis: new roles, wire-frames, and programming languages”.

Role Journals, Texts, Pedagogy, and Pragmatism

In her recent post on the Scholars’ Lab, Francesca gave a quick rundown on some of the similarities and differences between the approaches of our two wire-framing teams. I have to confess that I was surprised by a couple of her concerns, and I’d like here to clarify the reasoning behind our strong focus on…. Continue reading “Role Journals, Texts, Pedagogy, and Pragmatism”.

Two Ivanhoes, One Direction

Over the past few weeks our team of six divided into two subgroups to try and wireframe out our respective visions of Ivanhoe (see Veronica’s excellent post for more details on how these groups were organized). After coming together and presenting each of our ideas, I was immediately struck by the similarities between our projects…. Continue reading “Two Ivanhoes, One Direction”.

Stephen Covey intervenes in wire-framing Ivanhoe

When the SLab folks recommended we split into groups and begin creating wireframes for our Ivanhoe games, my first thought was, “How can we start building when we don’t really know what we’re doing yet?”  However, talking about what we were doing in the abstract had been generating somewhat circular discussion, so I took a…. Continue reading “Stephen Covey intervenes in wire-framing Ivanhoe”.

The (beautiful) truth about Praxis

I thought that this week I’d give you a behind-the-scenes peek at what we really do in the Praxis Program at the Scholars’ Lab. Brooke and I both wrote posts at the beginning of the semester about how much pressure we felt to appear polished and professional 24/7, but the reality is that 1) this…. Continue reading “The (beautiful) truth about Praxis”.