The Last Days of Development: Jasmine, Devise, and Visualization Tweaks!

We’re getting close to deploying, so we’re making all the necessary tweaks to having Prism ready to go! For this past week, that meant writing Jasmine tests, creating error messages for Devise, and tweaking the functionality of the visualization page. Jasmine is a BDD framework for testing javascript.  It basically does for javascript what RSpec does…. Continue reading “The Last Days of Development: Jasmine, Devise, and Visualization Tweaks!”.

Updating Visualizations and Users

We have three new updates for Prism!  First, we slightly changed the html markup for our document files, so our James Joyce excerpt from Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man is now formatted correctly!  Second, we decided to tweak our visualizations.  Originally, once users select a category for visualizations,  the entire text would turn…. Continue reading “Updating Visualizations and Users”.

Seeing the Prism: We Have Visualizations!!

I am happy to report that we have successfully build visualization capabilities into Prism!  Once users have highlighted the text according to the set categories, the users click on the submit button, which takes them to the visualization page! The users can then click on the categories at the right-hand side of the page to…. Continue reading “Seeing the Prism: We Have Visualizations!!”.