Programmatically Building High-level Charts with Bokeh

A couple of months ago, while preparing for the Digital Humanities 2016 conference, I was trying to build a series of charts to visualize data results from some topic modeling I had done. Specifically, I had a data file in which each row was a document and the columns were topic proportions. Reading across any…. Continue reading “Programmatically Building High-level Charts with Bokeh”.

Plane Table Mapping aka Instant Gratification Mapping

“Plane table mapping is the most interesting of all to do.  One can hardly browse through an account of its various operations without wishing to go directly into the field and do them.” – Down To Earth : Mapping for Everybody, 1944 Humans love maps.  Every day in the Scholars’ Lab we help aspiring cartographers…. Continue reading “Plane Table Mapping aka Instant Gratification Mapping”.

Prism on Spring Break

Last week I was in Little Rock, Arkansas for the Society for American Music conference, but Prism seemed to be following me: This logo looks uncannily like one of our sketches for Prism highlighting. So far I can’t find anything on the internet about this logo or what kind of company it might be for.…. Continue reading “Prism on Spring Break”.

Size Matters

In geography, size matters.  On maps, large always wins over small.  We’re human.  We’re wired to quickly spot patterns and make visual comparisons.  See Tufte, Edward. Picture a map of your own state.  How does it compare in size to the states next door, the largest states, the smallest, or Texas? I recently joined with…. Continue reading “Size Matters”.

Data visualizations: Learning d3.js

[cross-posted at] The SCI study on humanities graduate programs and career preparation is humming along, and while survey responses come in, I’ve been working on determining how best to translate the data into meaningful graphics. After a lot of experimenting, I think the winner is d3.js. Short for for Data-Driven Documents, D3 is Michael…. Continue reading “Data visualizations: Learning d3.js”.

DIY Aerial Photography and Edgar Allan Poe

Earlier this year Professor Megan Marlatt from the University of Virginia McIntire Department of Art began work with her students to create a jumbo outdoor mural titled “Hello Pluto, Good-bye Kitty” based on Edgar Allan Poe’s short story “The Black Cat“.   The mural design covered a large suburban parking lot. From street level, viewers see…. Continue reading “DIY Aerial Photography and Edgar Allan Poe”.

Announcing Neatline!

What do you get when you cross archives and artifacts with timelines, modern and historical maps, and an appreciation for the interpretive aims of humanities scholarship? Today, the Scholars’ Lab is proud to announce the launch of Neatline, our set of Omeka plugins for hand-crafted geo-temporal visualization and interpretation. You can head right over to…. Continue reading “Announcing Neatline!”.

The Last Days of Development: Jasmine, Devise, and Visualization Tweaks!

We’re getting close to deploying, so we’re making all the necessary tweaks to having Prism ready to go! For this past week, that meant writing Jasmine tests, creating error messages for Devise, and tweaking the functionality of the visualization page. Jasmine is a BDD framework for testing javascript.  It basically does for javascript what RSpec does…. Continue reading “The Last Days of Development: Jasmine, Devise, and Visualization Tweaks!”.

Spreading the Light: Prism Development is Almost DONE!

It’s been a busy few weeks in Prism, which means that we have some exciting updates for highlighting, visualizations, and the sandbox! Our visualizations now display with the correct colors! This change was surprisingly complicated, since it involved adding yet another function in our d3.js algorithm, but it made a huge difference. I also made…. Continue reading “Spreading the Light: Prism Development is Almost DONE!”.

Die Praxis-Programm

[Today was the Day of DH. This post was originally written for that crowd, hence some of the introductory material.] Back at the Scholar’s Lab, the whole gang was hanging out at the graduate lounge waiting for our long-awaited session on grant writing and budgeting. Most of us had never seen a budget sheet until…. Continue reading “Die Praxis-Programm”.