Podcast: Micki Kaufman on Quantifying Kissinger

Digital Humanities Speaker Micki Kaufman “Everything on Paper Will Be Used Against Me”: Quantifying Kissinger Scarcity  of  information  is  a  common  frustration  for  many  historians.  However,  for  researchers  of  twentieth-­ and  twenty-­first  century  history  the  opposite  problem  is  also  increasingly  common.  In  contrast  to  scholars  of ancient  history,  who  base  much  of  their  analyses  on …. Continue reading “Podcast: Micki Kaufman on Quantifying Kissinger”.

Myron Gutmann, “Data Access for Research and Teaching in the Twenty-First Century”

Data Access for Research and Teaching in the Twenty-First Century On May 6th, Myron Gutmann, Head of the NSF’s Social, Behavioral & Economics Directorate and Professor in the Department of History at the University of Michigan, spoke as part of the UVa Digital Humanities Speaker Series. Mr. Gutmann’s talk was jointly sponsored by the Scholars’…. Continue reading “Myron Gutmann, “Data Access for Research and Teaching in the Twenty-First Century””.

Unsworth to speak at UVa

The UVa Digital Humanities Speaker Series presents: John Unsworth on “Idiosyncrasy at Scale: Data Curation in the Humanities” Friday, March 25 3:00pm (reception follows) South Lawn Auditorium (NAU 101) This talk is co-sponsored by IATH, SHANTI, and the Scholars’ Lab Abstract: Unsworth will argue that, in the past, the humanities have been characterized by data…. Continue reading “Unsworth to speak at UVa”.

“Old School Hydro” in the Scholars’ Lab

Please join us on November 4th (or look for our podcast) to get your feet wet with Old School Hydro: Modern and Historic Surveying Aboard the NOAA Ship “Thomas Jefferson!”

Frontiers in Spatial Humanities

[UPDATE: video for the “Frontiers” event is now available!] We’re crowd-sourcing the keynote to the final round of the Scholars’ Lab/NEH 2009-2010 Institute for Enabling Geospatial Scholarship. With all of these fantastic attendees on hand — not to mention the Institute faculty — how could we let the opportunity slip by? Frontiers in Spatial Humanities:…. Continue reading “Frontiers in Spatial Humanities”.

Digital Therapy: Cesaire and Hawthorne

Graduate students Alex Gil and Ryan Cordell present their recent work on digital editions of works by Nathaniel Hawthorne and Aimé Césaire.

Lisa Rosner: the Anatomy Murders

Up the close And down the stair Visualizing the worlds Of Burke and Hare

Neogeography: from Tower to Town Hall

Andew Turner joined us in the SLab to discuss the neogeography movement, which has emerged from the rise of easy-to-use web-based maps and emphasizes community-led and colloquial uses of geospatial tools and techniques such as online maps, GPS, and location-aware phones, and its potential applicability to higher education.

Creation of Game Worlds

Writer, game designer, and UVa alumnus Shane Liesegang talks about the “Disruptive Construction of Game Worlds”

Olmsted: Editing to Mapping

Ethan Carr and Mandy Gagel of the Frederick Law Olmsted Papers discuss “The Papers of Frederick Law Olmsted: From Editing to Mapping?”