Imagining end users for requirements gathering

Bethany writes, “It was important to us that the project only be in service to the program — that its intellectual agenda was one our students could shape, that they set the tone for the collaboration, and that — as much as possible — it be brand-spanking-new, free from practices and assumptions (technical or social)…. Continue reading “Imagining end users for requirements gathering”.

On Demons and Prisms

Prism is not many things, one of them is itself… for now. There is a history behind the identity crisis. As Bethany pointed out in her flagship post, Prism began as a Demon. Hearing McGann talk about it nowadays, you would think that we have found Richard Rorty’s ultimate intellectual ring, the one eye that…. Continue reading “On Demons and Prisms”.

A disclaimer and a declaration

Kudos to Brooke for her excellent blog post this week. I believe she was writing it in the midst of a texting session with me, during which we each gave vent to plenty of grad student perfectionist angst (along the lines of “what on EARTH can I say this week that will be worthy  the highly…. Continue reading “A disclaimer and a declaration”.

Crowdsourcing Interpretation / Praxis and Prism

Our goal in the Scholars’ Lab Praxis Program is to address methodological training in the humanities not just through workshops and courses, but by involving graduate students in digital projects from the ground up. This means learning by creating something — together — with all that entails: paying attention both to vision and detail; building…. Continue reading “Crowdsourcing Interpretation / Praxis and Prism”.