To Scaffold, or Not To Scaffold?

Alex and I started trying to build our new data model last Thursday, and we figured that it would go much more smoothly and quickly than the last time we tried.  Like the previous time, we decided to use Rails scaffolding, figuring it would be easier than generating the individual pieces by hand.  However, we…. Continue reading “To Scaffold, or Not To Scaffold?”.

Model vocabularies

Annie drafted a new Model for Prism this week, and we had a chance to tweak it and refine it on Friday. It was our first time programming together. Heck, it was the first time I ever programmed with anyone, period. We eased into the 24-inch monitor with some takeout Chinese. Patiently maneuvering one hand…. Continue reading “Model vocabularies”.

Testing and More Data Modelling

Now that we’ve spent a few weeks focusing on wireframing, we’re back to working on the data model.  We haven’t actually created the models in rails yet, but we have started redesigning it, and it makes much more sense the second time around.  Currently, we’re adding a user model, renaming all the other models, combining…. Continue reading “Testing and More Data Modelling”.

the hunchback of notre-prism

I’m with Annie. Trial and error has been part of my dissertation for a while, so there is no shattered heart at the prospect of chucking the first model. I pointed out on my previous post that one thing I’m getting tons of praxis on these days is working with the “unknown unknowns” hovering in…. Continue reading “the hunchback of notre-prism”.

report from the rails trenches

As Annie reports we have begun hacking Prism. I am still surprised by the speed at which we are picking up the skills to build a web application. Our first model is a proof-of-concept, and as Eric Rochester pointed out in session yesterday, we will probably chuck the first model down the road. Part of…. Continue reading “report from the rails trenches”.

Riding the Rails (And Learning Not to Fall Off)

It’s hard to believe that only a few months ago, I thought the idea of using a web framework to generate a website seemed like taking the easy way out.  Although I’d heard of Django and Rails, I didn’t really see the point of them.  Apparently I had a lot to learn.  Last week was…. Continue reading “Riding the Rails (And Learning Not to Fall Off)”.