Reflections on Project Management II: Know your Team

In my last post, I talked through some of my experiences with the organizational aspects of project management. Here, I want to talk about one of the aspects of project management which can be more difficult to articulate and to learn. While each project needs a timeline, deadlines, and clear goals, a project manager does…. Continue reading “Reflections on Project Management II: Know your Team”.

Reflections on Project Management I

At our final official Praxis meeting, I shared an overview of my experience as project manager with the rest of the team, and I thought I would share some of those same reflections in a short series of blog posts.  This first post reflects on some of the more technical and organizational aspects of project…. Continue reading “Reflections on Project Management I”.

The Blind Leading the Blind: A Noob and Program Management

A better title for this post would be “The Blind leading the Slightly-less-blind.”  I thought it a little too wordy for a title, but it really does accurately express my experience of project management during these first few weeks of actually working on Prism. Figuring out how to manage a project when I know little…. Continue reading “The Blind Leading the Blind: A Noob and Program Management”.

Die Praxis-Programm

[Today was the Day of DH. This post was originally written for that crowd, hence some of the introductory material.] Back at the Scholar’s Lab, the whole gang was hanging out at the graduate lounge waiting for our long-awaited session on grant writing and budgeting. Most of us had never seen a budget sheet until…. Continue reading “Die Praxis-Programm”.

All Hail the Workplan!: Accountability and Collaborative Research

In our first official meeting as Project Managers, Sarah and I drew a line on the whiteboard that had two distinct endpoints – a start and a finish. The start point was that day’s date, January 17th, and the endpoint would be whatever date we could get the group to agree on for Prism’s launch.…. Continue reading “All Hail the Workplan!: Accountability and Collaborative Research”.

Why I love project management

Last week Brooke and I celebrated our new roles as co-project managers by running our very first Praxis meeting. We had a fairly ambitious agenda, and I must admit that I was a little bit concerned about whether our enthusiastic (debate-loving) group would be able to get through everything we wanted to do, but thanks…. Continue reading “Why I love project management”.

Project Management and Graduate Training

As if on cue, right after I posted last week to call for clear, concrete goals for Prism this semester, Bethany began last week’s meeting by asking for a Project Manager. Sarah Storti and I quickly volunteered for the job, probably because we share a love of deadlines, self-imposed or otherwise, and work at similar…. Continue reading “Project Management and Graduate Training”.

Looking forward to Prism

With the end of the semester and year, and all of the accompanying hullabaloo (to use a polite term for it), I wasn’t able to write my final blog post of the semester, which was going to be a retrospective of my Praxis experience so far. But now it’s the new year and the new…. Continue reading “Looking forward to Prism”.