Crafting Our Charter – Praxis Program 2017-2018

As a historian, when I think of charters, the first things I think of are royal charters. The first result when you Google charter, on the other hand, is Charter Telecommunications Company because of course. But as members of the new Praxis Fellowship cohort, my fellow fellows and I tried to chart (I’m sorry) a very…. Continue reading “Crafting Our Charter – Praxis Program 2017-2018”.

Praxis is about people: reflections after the launch

When I initially drafted the Ivanhoe launch announcement, my goal was to make it communicate in as concise a fashion as possible what Ivanhoe was and where people could download it and learn more.  I completely forgot that Ivanhoe has been as much about us, the Praxis Fellows, and our learning, as about software development. …. Continue reading “Praxis is about people: reflections after the launch”.

(Digest #5) More Reflections on Project Management

It has been a couple weeks since my last digest, but as you can see from other posts, the Praxis goings-on are many! Development scurries to fix the multitude of bugs that seem to keep crawling out of the WordPress woodwork, while Design continues to apply CSS, SASS, and SUSY to bring our vision of…. Continue reading “(Digest #5) More Reflections on Project Management”.

(Digest #4) On managing projects, not people

This digest comes a bit late, because in the interim I have been going through a mild project management crisis.  Now that the crisis is past, I see the experience as the perfect opportunity for a post. I mentioned in my last post that the nature of our project—and thus our team—is changing.  Development has…. Continue reading “(Digest #4) On managing projects, not people”.

(Digest #3) Project mutability: shifting identities and changing roles

This week was full of excitement.  Our Development Team continued working on getting Ivanhoe up and running; they will be presenting the working WP Theme to our Praxis team this Tuesday. The Design Team started thinking more about how we want the name, logo, font, and overall aesthetic to reflect our game.  The name “Ivanhoe,”…. Continue reading “(Digest #3) Project mutability: shifting identities and changing roles”.

Praxis Weekly Digest #2

This week, Praxis has made some very exciting progress.  Eliza, Scott, and Veronica continue to work on our WordPress Theme.  As Veronica mentioned in her post, “Foreign Languages and Ivanhoe Progress,” the challenge the Development team faces this week is figuring out how to create links between moves which respond to other moves.  For instance,…. Continue reading “Praxis Weekly Digest #2”.

Praxis Weekly Digest #1

First, if you missed our post last week about redesigning Ivanhoe, we are now in the process of building the game as a WordPress Theme.  If you are a potential Ivanhoe user, help us out by giving some feedback about the way you use WordPress. Congratulations to Zach for passing his orals!  Now he has…. Continue reading “Praxis Weekly Digest #1”.

Happy New Year! — and a few thoughts to begin it with

To those who read my post last week, we do not have a flashy New Year’s post to show you; however, I have drawn some useful insights from this circumstance which I would like to share as we kick off another year. My first insight has to do with learning new computing skills and the…. Continue reading “Happy New Year! — and a few thoughts to begin it with”.

A little bit of everything: Christmas for the Praxis project manager

Merry Christmas!  As you can see from Zach, Francesca, Veronica, and Eliza’s posts, we’re all equally busy preparing ourselves for the thrilling upcoming semester of building Ivanhoe.  Like my fellow Fellows, I too will be practicing my HTML, CSS, and PHP, because as project manager I need to understand the challenges the group faces in…. Continue reading “A little bit of everything: Christmas for the Praxis project manager”.

Reflections on Project Management III: It Is All About Communication

I have saved the discussion of my biggest struggle with Project Management for my final post in this miniseries. Much to my surprise, communication with the rest of the team was one of the more difficult aspects of this semester. This caught me completely off guard because I actually think that I have pretty good…. Continue reading “Reflections on Project Management III: It Is All About Communication”.