Prism and Praxis Reflections

It’s been a whirlwind of a year, but we finally made it! We have a fully functional tool, we’ve fulfilled our goals from our charter, and we can all look back on everything we’ve learned this year and be astonished by how far we’ve come. Although I wasn’t an absolute newbie to the DH and…. Continue reading “Prism and Praxis Reflections”.

Announcing Prism!

We are pleased to announce the official beta release of Prism, a tool for collecting and visualizing crowd-sourced interpretations of texts. In case you are new to this blog, you should know that Prism is the practicum project of the first cohort of Praxis Program Fellows at the University of Virginia Scholars’ Lab. Six of…. Continue reading “Announcing Prism!”.

Praxis, Through Prisms

[Cross-posted from] This is just a quick post to share two bits of news about our Praxis Program at the Scholars’ Lab. The first is that I’ve written an op-ed on Praxis and our Fellows’ practicum project for this year’s Digital Campus special issue of the Chronicle of Higher Education. The piece was originally…. Continue reading “Praxis, Through Prisms”.

Spreading the Light: Prism Development is Almost DONE!

It’s been a busy few weeks in Prism, which means that we have some exciting updates for highlighting, visualizations, and the sandbox! Our visualizations now display with the correct colors! This change was surprisingly complicated, since it involved adding yet another function in our d3.js algorithm, but it made a huge difference. I also made…. Continue reading “Spreading the Light: Prism Development is Almost DONE!”.

Day of DH

Yesterday, as I’m sure you all know, was Day of DH, and it was my first year participating. I was only able to blog twice because as soon as I sat down to work on some design tasks for Praxis (choosing a font for the Prism site), I had some server troubles that kept me…. Continue reading “Day of DH”.

Seeing the Prism: We Have Visualizations!!

I am happy to report that we have successfully build visualization capabilities into Prism!  Once users have highlighted the text according to the set categories, the users click on the submit button, which takes them to the visualization page! The users can then click on the categories at the right-hand side of the page to…. Continue reading “Seeing the Prism: We Have Visualizations!!”.

We Have Highlighting!

We have reached an important milestone in Prism development; the highlighting functionality is now complete! A user can now color a given text in accordance with a series of categories and then submit the markings to the database! The user clicks on a category on the right-hand side of the page to select that category,…. Continue reading “We Have Highlighting!”.

Let’s get visual.

I am aware of how ridiculous the title of this post is, but I’ll gloss it by saying that visualizations have been a hot button issue in our recent Praxis talks, and in my opinion, they’re by far the “sexiest” element of Prism. After all, the viz page is where the magic happens. That being…. Continue reading “Let’s get visual.”.

through another prism

A couple of weeks ago Suzanne Keen and Alison Booth offered a workshop at the Scholars’ Lab. The workshop was an introduction to BESS (Biographical Elements and Structure Schema), “an XML standoff markup schema designed at IATH as part of Professor Booth’s IATH Fellowship to analyze narrative structure.” If you recall from Bethany’s introduction, the…. Continue reading “through another prism”.

The Models are Done!

Great news! All parts of our data model are now in Rails!  We used the Ruby gem Devise for the user model, and Prism now has user account capabilities (and the links for “sign in,” “sign out,” and “sign up” on the homepage)! The documents are also in the system and each has its own…. Continue reading “The Models are Done!”.