Foreign Languages and Ivanhoe Progress

Eight years ago, I sat staring at my Latin prose composition homework. The assignment was to translate a few sentences and a couple of short, not-particularly-complex paragraphs from English into Latin. In that precise moment, however, it would have been equally effective to ask me to go find and slay a fire-breathing dragon, since the…. Continue reading “Foreign Languages and Ivanhoe Progress”.

Displaying Recent Neatline Exhibits on your Omeka Home Page

The charismatic Alex Gil submitted a feature request to Neatline asking to be able to browse Neatline exhibits on your Omeka home page. Turns out you can already specify which page you want as your home page in Omeka 2.0, so that helped with Alex’s original query. But as we discussed the issue, Alex also…. Continue reading “Displaying Recent Neatline Exhibits on your Omeka Home Page”.

Hot off the Presses 2: BagIt Plugin

Photo by kittybabylove Continuing our roll-out of Omeka plugins we’ve been working on here at the Scholars’ Lab, I’m pleased to announce the BagIt plugin for Omeka. BagIt is a specification by the Library of Congress for creating containers of files with metadata. However, the files don’t actually have to be in the container. There…. Continue reading “Hot off the Presses 2: BagIt Plugin”.

Why Ruby?

Stemming from a Twitter conversation last month, I thought it would be a good idea to describe — in more than the 140 character bursts that Twitter allows — why we at the Scholars’ Lab often promote Ruby, opposed to one of the other 4 or 5 languages we develop with. This isn’t an attempt…. Continue reading “Why Ruby?”.