Neatline 2.3

Today we’re happy to announce Neatline 2.3! This release includes a couple of nifty new features and, under the hood, a pretty big stack of bug fixes, performance tweaks, and improvements to the development workflow. The coolest new feature in 2.3 is a simple little addition that we’ve gotten a number of requests for in…. Continue reading “Neatline 2.3”.

A (Digital) Declaration of Independence

[Cross-posted from] Launch the Exhibit Way back in the spring of 2012, a couple months before we released the first version of Neatline, I drove up to Washington to give a little demo of the project to the folks at the Library of Congress. I had put together a couple of example exhibits for…. Continue reading “A (Digital) Declaration of Independence”.

Creating themes for individual Neatline exhibits

tldr: Neatline makes it possible to create separate themes for individual exhibits, which is useful if you want to host a collection of self-contained Neatline projects on a single site. To get started, fork the exhibit starter theme, which abstracts out the style, layout, and UX of the Project Gemini over Baja California exhibit. One…. Continue reading “Creating themes for individual Neatline exhibits”.

NeatlineText: Connect Neatline exhibits to documents

Download the plugin Today we’re pleased to announce the first public release of NeatlineText, which makes it possible to create interactive, Neatline-enhanced editions of text documents – literary and historical texts, articles, book chapters, dissertations, blog posts, etc. – by connecting individual paragraphs, sentences, and words with objects in Neatline exhibits. Once the associations are…. Continue reading “NeatlineText: Connect Neatline exhibits to documents”.

Project Gemini over Baja California

[Cross-posted from] Launch the Exhibit A couple weeks ago, somewhere in the middle of a long session of free-association link hopping on Wikipedia, I stumbled into a cluster of articles about Project Gemini, NASA’s second manned spaceflight program. Gemini, I quickly discovered, produced some spectacular photographs – many of them pointed downward towards the…. Continue reading “Project Gemini over Baja California”.

The “Nicolay copy” of the Gettysburg Address

[Cross-posted from] Launch the Exhibit This is a project that I’ve been hacking away at for some time, but only found the time (and motivation) to get it polished up and out the door over the weekend – a digital edition of the “Nicolay copy” of the Gettysburg Address, with each of the ~250…. Continue reading “The “Nicolay copy” of the Gettysburg Address”.

Neatline release-apalooza: Neatline 2.2.0, Neatscape, Astrolabe

Today we’re excited to announce the release of Neatline 2.2.0! This is a big update that ships out a cluster of features and fixes that address a couple of rough spots identified by users over the course of the last couple months. 2.2.0 focuses on improvements in two areas – first, we’ve overhauled the workflows…. Continue reading “Neatline release-apalooza: Neatline 2.2.0, Neatscape, Astrolabe”.

Neighborhoods of San Francisco

[Cross-posted from] View the Exhibit Built on the Stamen Toner layer. Back in October, about a month after moving from Scholars’ Lab HQ in Virginia out to Menlo Park (my partner started a PhD program at Stanford), I drove up the peninsula to San Francisco on a Saturday morning and set out on a…. Continue reading “Neighborhoods of San Francisco”.

NITLE Presentation on Geotemporal Storytelling with Neatline

About this time last year, David McClure and I had a great conversation with the folks from the National Institute for Technology in Liberal Education (NITLE) about geotemporal storytelling with Neatline. We had lots of great questions and comments from the audience, too. Video for the talk is now available on NITLE’s YouTube channel:

“The Song of Wandering Aengus,” Neatline, and negotiation with the machine

[Cross-posted from] Click here to view the exhibit. One last little experiment with Neatline-powered interactive typesettings – this time with the ending of Yeats’ endlessly recitable “The Song of Wandering Aengus,” which, like many great poems, seems to somehow signify the entire world and nothing really in particular. I chose to use just the…. Continue reading ““The Song of Wandering Aengus,” Neatline, and negotiation with the machine”.