Neatline Release Omnibus Edition

For the next and final round of the Omeka plugin release parade, I’m pleased to announce minor or patch releases for all Neatline plugins. Neatline is an Omeka plugin that helps you tell stories in time and space from your Omeka collection. For more information, see our original announcement or the Neatline site. For now,…. Continue reading “Neatline Release Omnibus Edition”.

Geocoding for Neatline – Part II

In my last post (Geocoding for Neatline – Part I), I covered how to programmatically geocode a set of addresses and generate a CSV file for use in Neatline. In this post, I’ll go over how to actually post this information in Omeka and make it available for use in your Neatline exhibit. Requirements As…. Continue reading “Geocoding for Neatline – Part II”.

Geocoding for Neatline – Part I

Recently I was asked if there was a way to import place names in connection with lat/lon points. Twitter’s character limitation does’t provide an adequate format to respond, and this technique can be quite useful outside of Neatline too, so I thought I would dive in a bit and explain a method to can get…. Continue reading “Geocoding for Neatline – Part I”.