Restarting Marionette applications

[Cross-posted from] Over the course of the last couple months, I’ve been using Derick Bailey’s superb Marionette framework for Backbone.js to build the new version of Neatline. Marionette sits somewhere in the hazy zone between a library and a framework – it’s really a collection of architectural components for large front-end applications that can…. Continue reading “Restarting Marionette applications”.

Spreading the Light: Prism Development is Almost DONE!

It’s been a busy few weeks in Prism, which means that we have some exciting updates for highlighting, visualizations, and the sandbox! Our visualizations now display with the correct colors! This change was surprisingly complicated, since it involved adding yet another function in our d3.js algorithm, but it made a huge difference. I also made…. Continue reading “Spreading the Light: Prism Development is Almost DONE!”.

Generating HTML fixtures using Zend, Omeka, PHPUnit, and Jasmine

One of the reasons that testing JavaScript can be so pesky (and perhaps one of the reasons that so little JavaScript is tested…) is the fact that you have to maintain a library of HTML “fixtures” for the tests to run on. What’s a fixture? Basically, just a little chunk of markup that provides a…. Continue reading “Generating HTML fixtures using Zend, Omeka, PHPUnit, and Jasmine”.