Writing in Public (on Purpose) at Washington & Lee University

Makerspace Technologist Catherine Addington went to Washington and Lee University to give a workshop in digital humanities through a Mellon-funded collaboration with the WLUDH. More information about this initiative can be found here. Her post is cross-listed on the W&L blog. I am a graduate student in Spanish, a freelance writer, a newsletter creator, a former full-time media professional, a…. Continue reading “Writing in Public (on Purpose) at Washington & Lee University”.

Plane Table Mapping aka Instant Gratification Mapping

“Plane table mapping is the most interesting of all to do.  One can hardly browse through an account of its various operations without wishing to go directly into the field and do them.” – Down To Earth : Mapping for Everybody, 1944 Humans love maps.  Every day in the Scholars’ Lab we help aspiring cartographers…. Continue reading “Plane Table Mapping aka Instant Gratification Mapping”.

Spatial In the Scholars’ Lab: Spring 2012

With classes over and finals behind us, let’s look back on the Spring 2012 semester with a spatial eye.  Yes, January-May was a very mappy time in the Scholars’ Lab! Workshops From January through April twice every week my colleague Chris Gist and I welcomed faculty, staff, and students to our free “no experience required”…. Continue reading “Spatial In the Scholars’ Lab: Spring 2012”.

The Mappy Goodness that is GIS Day in the Scholars’ Lab

Every November on the Wednesday of Geography Awareness Week the world celebrates GIS Day.  On that day in Charlottesville the geospatial community gathers in the Scholars’ Lab for mappy goodness. And cake. In 2010 we threw open the Scholars’ Lab doors for folks to present geospatial lightning talks.  We were impressed by the breadth of…. Continue reading “The Mappy Goodness that is GIS Day in the Scholars’ Lab”.

Vim GUI Font Magic

Yesterday, Wayne tweeted this: @erochest just dropped some vim wizardry on the @scholarslab: open system fonts, set the guifont from the settings selected in gui I thought I should describe what I did, for several reasons. First, it’s kind of cool, in a geeky vim-lover kind of way. Second, it’s not something you do everyday,…. Continue reading “Vim GUI Font Magic”.

Omeka Timeline Plugin

As part of our ongoing efforts on our Neatline grant, we needed to include a way of displaying temporal information and interacting with other data stored in Omeka. Just about the time we were starting to write this code, CHNM announced their Plugin Rush which pays an honorarium to give folks some incentive to pitch in and develop a plugin or two. Since we were going to develop the plugin anyway, we’re donating this back to the Omeka project, but we thought this might be a good opportunity to talk a little more about the development cycle for Omeka plugins, and hopefully inspire others to get involved.