Visualizing Paper Evidence Using Digital Reproductions

Digital images both lie to us and tell us truths that exist outside of our normal perception. The lie comes about through both deliberate distortions and distortions produced by limitations in digital and in other reproduction methods. The limitations of reproductions are easy to see for anyone who considers the situation carefully, but understanding the…. Continue reading “Visualizing Paper Evidence Using Digital Reproductions”.

An Ivanhoe Design Idea

So last week Francesca and I each pitched design for our informational website. While the bulk of our pitches focused on the look of the website, I formulated my website design (ps, as this was just a mock up it isn’t cross browser tested, sorry) to be as transferable as possible (or desired).  Had we gone…. Continue reading “An Ivanhoe Design Idea”.

The Mappy Goodness that is GIS Day in the Scholars’ Lab

Every November on the Wednesday of Geography Awareness Week the world celebrates GIS Day.  On that day in Charlottesville the geospatial community gathers in the Scholars’ Lab for mappy goodness. And cake. In 2010 we threw open the Scholars’ Lab doors for folks to present geospatial lightning talks.  We were impressed by the breadth of…. Continue reading “The Mappy Goodness that is GIS Day in the Scholars’ Lab”.

Charlottesville’s Street Car System in GIS

Background Did you know that Charlottesville once had streetcars?  Since moving to town, I’ve heard tales of the once-thriving transportation system that connected Fry’s Spring, UVa and downtown.  It wasn’t until an inquiry came in from a student looking for GIS data for the system that I investigated it. I first found the following 1890 map which…. Continue reading “Charlottesville’s Street Car System in GIS”.

WMS vs. tilecaching

In our work on Neatline, we have made a deliberate choice to start by restraining our work to map-sources that are quickly and easily provided through WMS. This leaves out (for now) two popular sources of map imagery; Google Maps and Open Street Map. I’m going to explain why we made that choice, and why, when we do come to make these sources usable with Neatline, we will do so with great care and with an eye to scholarly method.

The 1907 Massie map of Albemarle Co.

While going through our archives of scanned maps, we recently ran across a copy of Frank A. Massie’s 1907 “A new and historical map of Albemarle County, Virginia” [Special Collections, University of Virginia Library], commonly referred to as the Massie map, which contains a wealth of detailed historical information for the county in which the…. Continue reading “The 1907 Massie map of Albemarle Co.”.