Adventures in Converting Subversion to Git

While the Scholars’ Lab was founded in 2006, we manage a lot of projects that had their roots in the eText Center in the late 1990s. These projects have lived through the numerous “best practices” of the various eras, many still bearing the marks of those bygone eras (you see a lot of projects that used…. Continue reading “Adventures in Converting Subversion to Git”.

On Stemmatics

So this is a git network graph. Specifically, it is the network graph for Ivanhoe from c. 20 February to 1 March. The blue line is our Develop branch and the various branches are features, projects, etc. The first little pink dot is my first branch.  While programming development is far from complete, I forked…. Continue reading “On Stemmatics”.

A little bit of everything: Christmas for the Praxis project manager

Merry Christmas!  As you can see from Zach, Francesca, Veronica, and Eliza’s posts, we’re all equally busy preparing ourselves for the thrilling upcoming semester of building Ivanhoe.  Like my fellow Fellows, I too will be practicing my HTML, CSS, and PHP, because as project manager I need to understand the challenges the group faces in…. Continue reading “A little bit of everything: Christmas for the Praxis project manager”.

Forking, Fetching, Pushing, Pulling

Even though a lot of open source projects encourage folks to look at the code and modify it, they don’t just let anyone add anything back to the original project. Projects usually have one or several people with direct commit access, who don’t need permission to do commits. This doesn’t mean you can’t contribute to…. Continue reading “Forking, Fetching, Pushing, Pulling”.

Teaching Git

In Praxis, we just finished covering Git. Everyone seemed to catch on pretty well, so I thought I’d write a bit about my thought process as I was planning the sessions. There were a few principles I tried to keep in mind: Repeat ourselves. Rather than work on something new, we repeated Jeremy’s lessons on…. Continue reading “Teaching Git”.

DH Dev Picks

Part of mission here at the Scholars’ Lab is provide guidance for folks working on digital projects. As such, I do my best to keep up with trends in software development. For a while I’ve just been adding these to my delicious account to make it a bit easier to find references later. However, recent…. Continue reading “DH Dev Picks”.