Ada Lovelace Day

Today has been declared — quite spontaneously, and to the cheers of a great many people — Ada Lovelace Day, a day on which to honor women working in technology by writing blog posts about their often-unsung achievements, and about ways in which they inspire and challenge us.

Library Innovation Grant Yields Dividends for Numismatists

A recent post by Ethan Gruber, a UVA Library staff member who has lately joined the Scholars’ Lab team, detailed his experiments with 3-dimensional modeling to re-contextualize Roman mosaics — right down to the interplay of light and shadow in ancient villas. Now Ethan’s work on creating a scholarly interface for the study of Greek…. Continue reading “Library Innovation Grant Yields Dividends for Numismatists”.

Teaching with ARTStor

I am a teaching assistant for a course on the early history of Christianity. When the professor for the course asked me to lecture for him on early church art and architecture, I was excited. I had recently come upon the new ARTStor online database, and couldn’t wait to find digital images of the churches…. Continue reading “Teaching with ARTStor”.

Google Scholar: Neglected Corridors of the Interwebs

Welcome to my first post here on the Scholars’ Lab blog. My name is Jason Kirby and I’m a third-year Ph.D. student in the Music department at UVa. I’m in the “Critical and Comparative Studies” track of my program, which means I look at musical sound and musicians through a cultural studies lens. I’m planning…. Continue reading “Google Scholar: Neglected Corridors of the Interwebs”.