Announcing the #Codespeak Kit!

Today, the Scholars’ Lab is pleased to make a few modest contributions toward the broadening of a conversation we opened last fall, in a summit for digital humanities software developers called Speaking in Code. The summit, generously funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities and UVa Library, brought together 32 advanced developers working on…. Continue reading “Announcing the #Codespeak Kit!”.

Praxis Holidays

Just before we departed for the break, Stephanie and I met with Jeremy to talk over some of our wireframes for Ivanhoe.  (Stephanie discussed our wireframing process in her post.)  “Right,” Jeremy told us.  “You’re going to want to clone the files that I’ve already created and start from there.” We blinked at him.  “Cloning?”…. Continue reading “Praxis Holidays”.

Speaking in Code

We’re pleased to announce that applications are open for a 2-day, NEH-funded symposium and summit to be held at the Scholars’ Lab this November 4th and 5th. “Speaking in Code” will bring together a small cohort of accomplished digital humanities software developers. Together, we will give voice to what is almost always tacitly expressed in DH…. Continue reading “Speaking in Code”.

Forking, Fetching, Pushing, Pulling

Even though a lot of open source projects encourage folks to look at the code and modify it, they don’t just let anyone add anything back to the original project. Projects usually have one or several people with direct commit access, who don’t need permission to do commits. This doesn’t mean you can’t contribute to…. Continue reading “Forking, Fetching, Pushing, Pulling”.

Wrapping up i18n

Yesterday I was able to wrap up the internationalization of the site. It took us a while to figure out how we wanted the user to choose languages. We have several options: A setting on the browser can decide; users can indicate their preferences in the user account; we can have the location of your…. Continue reading “Wrapping up i18n”.

We Have Highlighting!

We have reached an important milestone in Prism development; the highlighting functionality is now complete! A user can now color a given text in accordance with a series of categories and then submit the markings to the database! The user clicks on a category on the right-hand side of the page to select that category,…. Continue reading “We Have Highlighting!”.

Customizing Bash

I spend a lot of time every day looking at a terminal window, and over the last decade I had been tweaking my bash profile to make the terminal act, and look, the way I wanted it to. As a systems administrator in a former life, I had collected a bunch of “useful” scripts that…. Continue reading “Customizing Bash”.

teaching prism how to speak spanish and french

Well, it looks like me and Annie will go on different development branches for a few weeks. I have been assigned the noble task of teaching Prism how to speak Spanish and French. The goal is to give the tool the largest possible reach on day one. Internationalization has always been one of my hot-button…. Continue reading “teaching prism how to speak spanish and french”.

Omeka Timeline Plugin

As part of our ongoing efforts on our Neatline grant, we needed to include a way of displaying temporal information and interacting with other data stored in Omeka. Just about the time we were starting to write this code, CHNM announced their Plugin Rush which pays an honorarium to give folks some incentive to pitch in and develop a plugin or two. Since we were going to develop the plugin anyway, we’re donating this back to the Omeka project, but we thought this might be a good opportunity to talk a little more about the development cycle for Omeka plugins, and hopefully inspire others to get involved.