Stephen Covey intervenes in wire-framing Ivanhoe

When the SLab folks recommended we split into groups and begin creating wireframes for our Ivanhoe games, my first thought was, “How can we start building when we don’t really know what we’re doing yet?”  However, talking about what we were doing in the abstract had been generating somewhat circular discussion, so I took a…. Continue reading “Stephen Covey intervenes in wire-framing Ivanhoe”.

Speaking in Code

We’re pleased to announce that applications are open for a 2-day, NEH-funded symposium and summit to be held at the Scholars’ Lab this November 4th and 5th. “Speaking in Code” will bring together a small cohort of accomplished digital humanities software developers. Together, we will give voice to what is almost always tacitly expressed in DH…. Continue reading “Speaking in Code”.

Prism on Spring Break

Last week I was in Little Rock, Arkansas for the Society for American Music conference, but Prism seemed to be following me: This logo looks uncannily like one of our sketches for Prism highlighting. So far I can’t find anything on the internet about this logo or what kind of company it might be for.…. Continue reading “Prism on Spring Break”.

CSS Victory!

So the other day I spent most of my day working through the CSS on the Prism site.  It was incredibly annoying at first but at some point I really hit my stride and started to get it.  In order to start just figuring out where everything was located I made a feature branch (appropriately…. Continue reading “CSS Victory!”.

The place of beauty in scholarly writing

[Cross-posted on my personal website] I’ve just returned from two thought-provoking days of conversations about assessment and authority in new modes of scholarly production, the second in a series of three SCI meetings on the topic. We’ll synthesize the key outcomes and insights into a report very soon. For the moment, though, I want to…. Continue reading “The place of beauty in scholarly writing”.

Gradient Highlights

While playing around with the CSS gradients that put the highlighting for each “facet” into lanes over the text, I think I’ve come up with an interesting new proposal for what the highlighting might look like: I like this because it allows each facet’s highlight to be full height—thus feeling more like a highlighter pen…. Continue reading “Gradient Highlights”.

Prism Site Map

The design team got together again this week and we have mocked up a map of how the site will proceed.  Those who are interested can see it here: prismmap There are quite a few new pages that we are adding so we hope this map will make it easier to see how the progression works.  As we…. Continue reading “Prism Site Map”.

Highlighting (some design proposals for Prism)

Design Team Progress

This week the design team, myself, Brandon and Gwen,  met for the first time to start to map out our vision for the exciting redesign.    This week I am spending figure out the CSS behind the Prism site and me and Gwen are working on wireframes (mostly I yell out random ideas and Gwen…. Continue reading “Design Team Progress”.

A First Look

On Friday, the design team made a few mock-ups of what we’d like Prism to look like. We started with some of the basic pages that the next version of prism will probably have, a homepage, a login pop-up, etc. I feel that I have a much clearer idea of what needs to be done now…. Continue reading “A First Look”.