Ignoring your First Child

And no, I’m not talking about human children. I’m talking about CSS selectors! I usually have instances in my web designs where I would like to apply some styles to all the elements of a particular type except the first one. For example, when displaying a navigation list, I like to add a light border in…. Continue reading “Ignoring your First Child”.


In middle school I built a website about the seven wonders of the ancient world. Nothing fancy – just images and some links – and I never published it. Building a personal website over the past few days as per Jeremy’s request feels a bit like coming full circle. My HTML skills remain prepubescent at…. Continue reading “Failure”.

On Not Knowing

I made it through HTML/CSS and miraculously I still have a computer and most my sanity. These weeks of learning HTML/CSS have happened to coincide with my first weeks of being a Teaching Assistant. Having these experiences together has been invaluable for a few reasons. 1. It has forced me to be a student again.…. Continue reading “On Not Knowing”.

Praxis: Doing is Thinking?

Speaking off the cuff to a group of prospective Praxis Program applicants in March, I found myself explaining how “aesthetic provocation” isn’t the same as argument, that Prism isn’t a tool that produces criticism as much as it is a tool that might prod us to see, read, or critique in new ways. I didn’t…. Continue reading “Praxis: Doing is Thinking?”.

Who says I like right angles?

Last week, I started tackling what I naively assume to be some CSS issues that “real” web designers might also see as challenges.  The “box model” in CSS allows for lots of “clean” designs, but it discriminates against non-quadrilateral polygons, and against angles other than 90 degrees, for that matter. When a prism is a…. Continue reading “Who says I like right angles?”.

The Dirt on “Clean”

Last week, when I should have been finishing up a conference paper I gave on Sunday, I instead kept messing with the webpage that Jeremy is teaching us how to design. Coding left me confused and bewildered, but now I realize that it also pretty much left me cold. I did once announce that it…. Continue reading “The Dirt on “Clean””.