More Musings on Tuckman…

Last week Francesca posted on Bruce Tuckman’s model of group work on a collaborative project.  To recap, a group passes through four phases: Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing, and Adjourning.  I find this an intriguing model, and I agree with Francesca that we are currently in a sort of “Forming” stage, but I also find myself…. Continue reading “More Musings on Tuckman…”.

On Complexity

When I wrote my first “real” code for a website, things were a lot simpler. I was taking SGML TEI files and running them through a DSSSL generator to create static HTML files. It was pretty straight-forward: I would tag a document, cross my fingers that it would validate, then run a script that would…. Continue reading “On Complexity”.

The end of the beginning

Graduate study in the humanities can be a lonely business. Enter my knight in shining armor, commonly referred to around these parts as the Praxis Program. I think I’ve shared with you all before that I jumped at the call for applicants to the soon-to-become Praxis Program last summer specifically because the invitation promised that…. Continue reading “The end of the beginning”.