overlapping anxieties

This week has brought back the question of image/text to my thinking with a vengeance. First, as Lindsay points out in her latest blogpost, our group has been occupied with the question of overlapping markup; second, during our weekly meeting Annie asked “When can we start building Prism,” to which Wayne responded, and I paraphrase,…. Continue reading “overlapping anxieties”.

Charter and Design

This has been an eventful week in Praxis, since we both finished our charter and started trying to design Prism.  The charter took longer than anticipated to produce, primarily because we had some difficulty figuring out when we needed to be incredibly specific and cover all possible scenarios, and when we needed to be very…. Continue reading “Charter and Design”.

In the Neutral Ground

With all the coverage of Occupy Wall Street, I’m hearing a lot about urban space and how we live in it. When space arises as a site or source or critique, I always wonder about the ways DH could help analyze the spatial and make spatial thinking more available to humanities scholars, but it also…. Continue reading “In the Neutral Ground”.

Praxis Program Charter Available

After a bit of time discussing and editing, we’re happy to announce that the project charter for the 2011–2012 Praxis Program is available on our site. The charter outlines the team’s broader goals for Prism and the program, as well as our approaches and responsibilities for achieving those goals collaboratively. Feel free to read it,…. Continue reading “Praxis Program Charter Available”.

Processing Praxis

Since we’ve been let loose, prompt-free, to blog as we please this week, I’d like to take the opportunity to get back to “the process.” As the Praxis Program garners more and more attention, and we begin to produce and publicize documentation, I’m realizing how little I knew when I boldly stated “Long live the…. Continue reading “Processing Praxis”.

Praxis Program week 2

Tuesday saw the second weekly meeting of the team involved in the Scholars’ Lab’s Praxis Program.  The conversation largely revolved around coalescing the groups’ thoughts on their project charter. While the specifics of the formal charter are still being ironed out—and will be shared shortly—the group identified four high-level principles to help guide the approach…. Continue reading “Praxis Program week 2”.

Chartering the Unknown

Like Alex, I’m excited for what seems to be a true shop-apprentice approach to learning this whole list of skills, methods, and programs. Before I came to UVa I held a few jobs with a company that hired people based on general knowledge and potential rather than specific technical know-how, and I learned to use…. Continue reading “Chartering the Unknown”.

Thoughts on our Charter

Although I have experience in designing my own digital project (through NINES) and in working on pre-existing ones (through Documents Compass’s Adams and Madison papers projects), I’m getting my first taste of being on a team that will work together to design and manage a project.  Since my thinking tends to be more detail-oriented than…. Continue reading “Thoughts on our Charter”.

Let the process begin:

Hello, digital universe! (You’ll have to excuse my childlike enthusiasm; this is all fairly new to me.) I have to admit that I’m a bit nervous, because of my novice DH status, to have so much control over the design and progress of a program that has the potential to really transform graduate student training…. Continue reading “Let the process begin:”.

Live and in public!

To prepare for our meeting last week, all Praxis Program participants read the following pieces: Bethany Nowviskie, “Where Credit is Due.” Stan Ruecker and Milena Radzikowska, “The Iterative Design of a Project Charter for Interdisciplinary Research.” Siemens, et. al. “INKE Administrative Structure, Omnibus Document.” These links are also available here, but so that you, my…. Continue reading “Live and in public!”.