3D printing for fun and presentation

This post is a quick update on a couple of projects by students who frequent the makerspace. All of the students who use the space are doing amazing things, and we hope to highlight some of those projects like this more often. The project write ups are written by the students themselves. So without further…. Continue reading “3D printing for fun and presentation”.

Summer in the Makerspace: Mucha Smart Dress, Part I

Bonjour à tous! I haven’t written in a long time because I wanted to wait for something very special to share. With Laura and Purdom’s encouragement, I am undertaking the creation of a wearable technology piece that I have dubbed (tentatively), the “Mucha Smart Dress,” which I hope to finish by mid-July…so I can wear it…. Continue reading “Summer in the Makerspace: Mucha Smart Dress, Part I”.

Adventures in 3D Printer Maintenance

Recently, the fan on the bottom of our Makerbot Replicator Dual Extruder began to make some unhealthy noises. Per SLab desk protocol, the first attempt at a remedy was to smack the thing near where it was making the noise, which made it go away for a little while. Eventually, we got tired of hitting our…. Continue reading “Adventures in 3D Printer Maintenance”.

Reprinting Printed Parts

As some of you know, the Scholars’ Lab has a spiffy 3D printer, a Makerbot Replicator 2. We’ve had fun with it, printing all sorts of wonderful things. As time went on and we continued using it, we ran into a problem plenty of other folks encountered, where the plunger that pushes filament against the…. Continue reading “Reprinting Printed Parts”.

Plastic Debacles

The Scholars’ Lab has a Makerbot Replicator with dual extruders, and it’s become a Praxis Program favorite. We’ve printed musical instruments, bracelets, animals, puzzles, and even a topographic map. If you get into 3D printing, chances are pretty high you’re gonna have some failed prints. Things happen in the course of tinkering with models and…. Continue reading “Plastic Debacles”.