Scholars’ Lab Grad Fellows, “Digital Therapy” Talks

Scholars’ Lab Grad Fellows Chris Clapp, Tom Finger and Alex Gil

Our Grad Fellows in Digital Humanities are asked to make a final presentation the results of their work at springtime luncheon talks. This April, our 2010-2011 fellows (Chris Clapp, Department of Economics; Tom Finger, Corcoran Department of History; and Alex Gil, Department of English) spoke in the Scholars’ Lab.

Chris Clapp

Chris (our first Econ fellow) discussed his research on the effects of congestion pricing policies on commuter behavior, residential location decisions, and ultimately congestion itself.

Tom Finger

Tom discussed his dissertation research highlighting the growth of the North Atlantic grain trade between the United States and Great Britain during the nineteenth century, offering a case study of the ways in which technologies, ecosystems, and human social groups interact over large scale economic systems.

Alex Gil

Alex showed a series of mock-ups that exemplify his concept for “deep representation” of texts in a digital environment. His talk focused on showing where we are now in terms of digital scholarly editing, and where we can go from here. Alex used examples from his own editorial work on Aimé Césaire’s Et les chiens se taisaient.

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