Podcast: Adeline Koh & Roopika Risam

Digital Humanities Speakers: Adeline Koh and Roopika Risam
Theories and Practices of Postcolonial Digital Humanities

Both postcolonial studies and the digital humanities have gained currency within the academy but are subject to strident critiques from interlocutors. Postcolonial studies has been criticized for being overly reliant on jargon and apolitical, whereas the digital humanities have been taken to task for failing to interrogate questions of race, power, and identity fully. The Postcolonial Digital Humanities (#dhpoco) intervenes in these gaps through theory and praxis. #dhpoco engages postcolonial studies to address global issues relating to race, gender, class, sexuality, and disability within cultures of technology while bringing the activist praxis of the digital humanities to the work of postcolonial studies.

Co-founders Adeline Koh and Roopika Risam discussed the theoretical underpinnings of #dhpoco and outlined the tactics that #dhpoco employs.

This event was co-sponsored by The Carter G. Woodson Institute and the Scholars’ Lab.

Dr. Koh and Dr. Risam’s presentation slides are available from Slideshare: Theories and Practices of Postcolonial Digital Humanities

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