Narrative Form and Digital Tools

Suzanne Keen & Alison Booth: Narrative Form and Digital Tools Workshop

The Scholars’ Lab welcomed Dr. Suzanne Keen, Thomas H. Broadus Professor and Chair of English at Washington and Lee University, and Dr. Alison Booth, Professor of English at U.Va., on February 24, 2012 for the presentation of their workshop “Narrative Form and Digital Tools.”

Workshop Abstract:
“This workshop suggests that teams of humans can be trained to analyze narrative structure, rhetoric, and other genre conventions using controlled vocabularies—a longstanding dream of narratology. Drs. Keen and Booth will introduce BESS (Biographies Elements and Structure Schema), an XML standoff markup schema designed to analyze narrative structure in short biographies, and will offer examples of its application as a tool for interpreting narratives in large archives, within social networks, and beyond traditional formalism.”

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