Lisa Rosner: the Anatomy Murders

Up the close
And down the stair
Visualizing the worlds
Of Burke and Hare

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  1. Living in Northern Ireland, came across a William Hare, directory 1819, more research found he married in 1813, child 1814, church records mentioned a corporal in Irish army. Army records mentioned William Hair[Hare] born in 1778 in Co. Armagh, in army 1797 to 1814, discharged with consumption,would explain infamous complexion,[but received army pension]then went to work based in Glasgow, [army records] probably in building Union Canal, [Glasgow to Edinburgh 1818-1822] {infamous going’s on!}eventually back to Belfast, died in Belfast area in 1862. researching more exact material, {I am retired professional historical/ genealogical researcher} Like your book!