GIS Day 2011 Lightning Rounds

GIS Day 2011 Lightning Rounds

On November 16, 2011, the SLab welcomed a diverse group of speakers presenting lightning round talks as part of our GIS Day celebrations. Eighteen of those speakers agreed to have their talks appear on our podcast, which we’re pleased to present.

Kelly Johnston, UVa Scholars’ Lab
Bill Ferster, UVa SHANTI
Simona Babiceanu, UVa Civil & Environmental Engineering
Paolo Tovar, Apex Wind Energy
Tim Morton, UVa Library Government Documents
Randi Lewis, UVa Department of History (and Scholar’s Lab Graduate Fellow!)
David McClure, UVa Scholars’ Lab
Charles Kromkowski, UVa Department of Politics
John Scrivani, Virginia Geographic Information Network
Ed Triplett, UVa Architectural History (and Scholars’ Lab Graduate Fellow!)
Todd Wascher, Applied Data Consultants, Inc.
Kelly Clifton and Larry Buckner, UVa Department of Politics
Bill Palmer, UVa Office of the Architect
Guoping Huang, UVa Urban and Environmental Planning
Wayne Graham, UVa Scholars’ Lab
Pam DeGuzman, UVa Nursing
Chris Gist, UVa Scholars’ Lab

As always, you can listen to (or subscribe to) our podcasts on the Scholars’ Lab blog, or on iTunesU.

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