Help us design the Ivanhoe Game!

Attention, game players and digital-pedagogy enthusiasts!

This year’s Praxis Program is rebooting SpecLab’s Ivanhoe Game as a WordPress theme that users can install on their own websites and style and configure according to their individual needs.

We would greatly appreciate feedback on the ways potential users already employ WordPress in their course websites or personal homepages.  If you are interested in installing Ivanhoe and hosting games for students or friends, please help us by answering a few questions.

Thank you!

This past May, 2014, I completed my M.A. in English at the University of Virginia. As a graduate student I focused on American literature, textual studies, and learning as much about digital humanities as possible. I served as project manager for the 2013-14 Praxis cohort, rebuilding the Ivanhoe Game. I now work at Rare Book School and the Washington Papers doing bibliographical research and social media. In my spare time I enjoy jamming on my violin, researching family history, and having movie nights with friends. I love ballroom dance, can't get enough opera, and enjoy making gourmet pizza at home.

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