One day of Praxis

Here is a bunch of photos from our most recent team meeting!

20130429-_MG_8502-Edit20130429-_MG_8503-Edit20130429-_MG_863420130429-_MG_8631-Edit20130429-_MG_8605-Edit 20130429-_MG_8558-Edit 20130429-_MG_8586-Edit 20130429-_MG_8583-Edit 20130429-_MG_8596-Edit20130429-_MG_8622-Edit 20130429-_MG_8572-Edit  20130502-0030_###83650030_edit 20130429-_MG_8545-Edit 20130429-_MG_8543-Edit 20130429-_MG_8528-Edit 20130429-_MG_8519-Edit 20130429-_MG_8516-Edit 20130429-_MG_8515-Edit 20130429-_MG_8509-Edit-2 20130429-_MG_8511-Edit20130429-_MG_8506-Edit 20130429-_MG_8624-Edit

Shane works on the history of computing and the impact of digital technology on culture and politics. His dissertation, "Kingdom of Code: Cryptography and the New Privacy" tracks the development of civilian encryption technology and the emergence of cryptography as an academic field of study, the debates over crypto regulation, and the concomitant construction of a new, far more expansive…

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