Fizzing, Buzzing

Since Gwen just posted her solution to the Fizz Buzz homework assignment,  I thought that I would throw mine up here as well. Here is my solution.

It’s pretty similar to Gwen’s take on the problem. I just switched the order of a couple things and used a couple shortcuts. I also apparently have a penchant for extra parentheses to help organize things.

I do feel like I perhaps missed the point of the exercise, given that it was tacked onto Wayne’s discussion of object-oriented programming and classes. Perhaps we were meant to solve this problem using that approach? In any case, there is no one way to make breakfast; I’ll take my approach for now, until I have a better grasp of object-oriented programming. I’ll use what I know.

Brandon is Head of Graduate Programs in the Scholars' Lab. His research focuses on modern and contemporary fiction, especially on Anglophone modernisms and the novel in relation to sound studies and musicology. Before coming to the Scholars' Lab, he was Mellon Digital Humanities Fellow and Visiting Assistant Professor of English in the Washington and Lee University…

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