Fizzing, Buzzing

Since Gwen just posted her solution to the Fizz Buzz homework assignment,  I thought that I would throw mine up here as well. Here is my solution.

It’s pretty similar to Gwen’s take on the problem. I just switched the order of a couple things and used a couple shortcuts. I also apparently have a penchant for extra parentheses to help organize things.

I do feel like I perhaps missed the point of the exercise, given that it was tacked onto Wayne’s discussion of object-oriented programming and classes. Perhaps we were meant to solve this problem using that approach? In any case, there is no one way to make breakfast; I’ll take my approach for now, until I have a better grasp of object-oriented programming. I’ll use what I know.

Brandon is a 2012-2013 Praxis Fellow and a Ph.D. student in the Department of English. His research focuses on modern and contemporary fiction, especially on Anglophone modernisms and the novel in relation to sound studies and musicology.

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