Mapping the Earthquake

One good thing about living in this age is instant access to information.  What could be better than that?  Maps!

The USGS has up-to-the-minute maps for earthquakes all over the world.  For the latest Virginia events click here.  You can find their main earthquake page here.

The USGS also has a crowd-sourced program – called Do You Feel It? – where users can gauge the quake at their location and report back to help build the map below.  More on that program here.

City map

Crowd-sourced intensity map – USGS

The good people at Development Seed created some cool maps just after the largest Virginia quake using publicly-available data and some tools from the guys at MapBox.  Please click here to see how they quickly mashed up the earthquake data to make some great maps.!/map/map_1314132938521

Though, I think the most interesting visualization is this animated one, showing the earth rippling like a pond.


GIS Specialist with the University of Virginia Library where he builds spatial data collections, teaches GIS courses, and provides GIS user support. His research work includes various demographic, neighborhood indicator, and funding analysis projects in and around Richmond and various environmental science and humanities GIS projects. Chris is a certified GIS professional (GISP).

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