Ada Lovelace Day 2011

On this Ada Lovelace Day, I’m looking forward and back. Here’s my full post in honor of humanities computing pioneer Susan Hockey (where you can also find links to past years’ posts on Johanna Drucker, Bess Sadler, and Leah Buechley). But I’m also spending today feeling appreciative of the a fantastic group of young women — emerging humanities and social science scholars, technologists, and cultural heritage or scholarly communications workers — with whom we’ve been privileged to collaborate in the SLab.

So here’s a little post in honor of our grad school gals: Scholars’ Lab Graduate Fellows in Digital Humanities and Praxis Fellows past and present.

Jean Bauer
Beth Bollwerk
Abby Holeman
Dr. Wendy Hsu
Brooke Lestock
Randi Lewis
Lindsay O’Connor
Sarah Storti
Annie Swafford
and Dana Wheeles

Thanks for inspiring us all!

Bethany directed the Scholars' Lab from 2007 to 2015, and is now Director of the Digital Library Federation at CLIR, the Council on Library and Information Resources. She remains affiliated with UVa as a Research Associate Professor of Digital Humanities in the English Department. Computing humanist/humane computationalist since 1996. Formerly director of the Scholars' Lab…


  1. Thanks, Bethany! And here’s to you for, to borrow your words, “sketching out new paths for women in DH” and for giving me the opportunity to get my foot in a door you’ve already roundhouse-kicked open!