Endangered Data Week

A range of Scholars’ Lab and Praxis folks are collaborating with Research Data Services and others in the Library for a series of workshops under the umbrella, Endangered Data, this week. Outline of events: Introduction to Libra Data (Dataverse at UVa) – Monday, April 17th 11am-noon, in Brown Library, Room 133. Introduction to Git/Github –…. Continue reading “Endangered Data Week”.

Topic Modeling Twitter

What is topic modeling? Topic modeling is type of statistical model that sorts through a large corpus of writing through language processing algorithms with the purpose of discovering the broad topics under discussion by grouping together words frequently used in tandem.  This method has been used in the past by scholars working on distant reading,…. Continue reading “Topic Modeling Twitter”.

“Gothic DH” at Washington and Lee

*Cross-posted on the Washington and Lee DH Blog* Toward the beginning of the semester, I was contacted by Brandon Walsh, a UVA alumnus and the current Mellon Digital Humanities Fellow at Washington and Lee. As part of his fellowship, Brandon has been pairing UVA DH folks with professors at Washington and Lee; the initiative is…. Continue reading ““Gothic DH” at Washington and Lee”.

Amanda Visconti Is Our New Managing Director

I am thrilled to announce yet more delightful news: Amanda Visconti will join the Library as Managing Director of the Scholars’ Lab.  We had terrific contenders for this position, and Amanda won us over!  She brings a high level of qualities seldom found in one person: intellectual commitments and depth, knowledge, and training in humanities;…. Continue reading “Amanda Visconti Is Our New Managing Director”.

Brandon Walsh is our New Head of Graduate Programs, starting April 24, 2017

I’m thrilled to announce that Brandon Walsh will join the Library as Head of Graduate Programs in the Scholars’ Lab. This competitive national search revealed the talent that is growing out there: people dedicated to libraries and the pedagogy/service/advanced research model, with the combination of versatile and active technological skills and deep training in humanities…. Continue reading “Brandon Walsh is our New Head of Graduate Programs, starting April 24, 2017”.

Blippar and Augmented Reality Literature

As I was writing about Ruth Ozeki’s A Tale for the Time Being and the various technological innovations that Ozeki’s novel employs, I became increasingly interested in Blippar, an augmented reality application. Blippar is by no means restricted to literary projects, but as this is my primary interest, I naturally focused my search on ways…. Continue reading “Blippar and Augmented Reality Literature”.

Working with an Archive of the ‘Now’

Given our subject matter for the 2016-17 Praxis cohort, we recognized early on that we would be grappling with a very different sort of archive than we’ve grown accustomed to as humanists. Instead of the stacks, journal databases, manuscripts, and historical objects, we’d have to take a serious look at Facebook, Instagram, Vine, Snapchat, and…. Continue reading “Working with an Archive of the ‘Now’”.

Praxis on Choosing a Subject of Study, or, How did we come to the Kardashians?

Unlike previous cohorts of Praxis, we did not have a topic or project assigned to us when we came into the program. Rather, our fearless leaders at the Scholars Lab took a chance. Our assignment: “time, temporality, go!” The first impulse was to directly challenge the traditional conceptions of time, linear time. Our cohort, made…. Continue reading “Praxis on Choosing a Subject of Study, or, How did we come to the Kardashians?”.

Discussions in the Digital Humanities and Learning New Technologies in the Scholars’ Lab

Over the course of the Fall 2016 semester, Praxis fellows participated in weekly meetings to discuss key topics relevant to the field of the digital humanities.  At the beginning of the academic year, we considered the numerous debates about the definition of the digital humanities, relying on the collection of articles, Debates in the Digital…. Continue reading “Discussions in the Digital Humanities and Learning New Technologies in the Scholars’ Lab”.

Are you our next Head of Graduate Programs?

“We build up people and practices more than products.” That’s part of our charter, and the Head of Graduate Programs is essential to this mission.  We in the Scholars’ Lab and University of Virginia Library are thrilled to alert you to the new job posting https://jobs.virginia.edu/applicants/Central?quickFind=80148 As the description on the University of Virginia job…. Continue reading “Are you our next Head of Graduate Programs?”.