Hello world

I’m Amy R. Boyd, a third-year Ph.D. student in English. I am interested in the British nineteenth century, especially the intersections between literature, science, and gender, as well as theories of the novel. I took enough computer science classes as an undergraduate to complete a minor in CS, so I’m excited to have the opportunity…. Continue reading “Hello world”.

Omeka, Neatline, Mac, development, oh my!

At the Scholars’ Lab, we’re big big advocates of Open Source. All of our projects are available freely and openly on Github, and we’re always more than happy to accept pull requests. We’d like to be able to empower everyone to contribute to our projects as much as they’re able to and comfortable with. Unfortunately,…. Continue reading “Omeka, Neatline, Mac, development, oh my!”.

Criminal Women, Misdirection, and Learning to Listen: A Conversation about the Digital Humanities

Please join us Tuesday, April 22, at 10 AM for the Digital Humanities Graduate Fellows Brunch. Alderman Room 421 Fellows Erik DeLuca, Gwen Nally, and Tamika Richeson share their projects as well as engage in a larger conversation about collaborating around digital projects. Erik investigates the listening networks with “Community Listening in Isle Royale National…. Continue reading “Criminal Women, Misdirection, and Learning to Listen: A Conversation about the Digital Humanities”.

(Digest #4) On managing projects, not people

This digest comes a bit late, because in the interim I have been going through a mild project management crisis.  Now that the crisis is past, I see the experience as the perfect opportunity for a post. I mentioned in my last post that the nature of our project—and thus our team—is changing.  Development has…. Continue reading “(Digest #4) On managing projects, not people”.

On Community Listening: 4

Check out my previous posts for context: On Community Listening 1 On Community Listening 2 On Community Listening 3 THIS article published in the LA Times today (2/28) is about the researchers I’m working with on Community Listening,  the wolves they study, and global climate change. Lots of great stuff here, including this quote from…. Continue reading “On Community Listening: 4”.

On Community Listening: 3

Check out my previous posts, On Community Listening 1 and 2 for context. The visual aesthetic of the web environment is minimal because I want listeners to focus on the sounds that the interface holds and not on the overstimulation of visual content. Think Sol Lewitt. This is my favorite series by Mr. Lewitt. The…. Continue reading “On Community Listening: 3”.

(Digest #3) Project mutability: shifting identities and changing roles

This week was full of excitement.  Our Development Team continued working on getting Ivanhoe up and running; they will be presenting the working WP Theme to our Praxis team this Tuesday. The Design Team started thinking more about how we want the name, logo, font, and overall aesthetic to reflect our game.  The name “Ivanhoe,”…. Continue reading “(Digest #3) Project mutability: shifting identities and changing roles”.

Software Development for the MA Humanities Student

This is not a transcript of a brief panel talk I gave for the UVa Graduate English Student Association Career Panel. It’s based on what I hope to say, but I’m actually writing this before the event so it (and its links) can be available beforehand. About me I’ve been interested in two things for…. Continue reading “Software Development for the MA Humanities Student”.

Praxis Weekly Digest #2

This week, Praxis has made some very exciting progress.  Eliza, Scott, and Veronica continue to work on our WordPress Theme.  As Veronica mentioned in her post, “Foreign Languages and Ivanhoe Progress,” the challenge the Development team faces this week is figuring out how to create links between moves which respond to other moves.  For instance,…. Continue reading “Praxis Weekly Digest #2”.

Praxis Weekly Digest #1

First, if you missed our post last week about redesigning Ivanhoe, we are now in the process of building the game as a WordPress Theme.  If you are a potential Ivanhoe user, help us out by giving some feedback about the way you use WordPress. Congratulations to Zach for passing his orals!  Now he has…. Continue reading “Praxis Weekly Digest #1”.