Bigger nozzles, faster printing

This week at the SLab Makerspace, we’ve been experimenting with faster 3D printing at lowering resolutions with larger extruder nozzles. The diameter of the standard Ultimaker 2 nozzle/block assembly is 0.4mm. When we recently installed Anders Olsson’s upgraded heater block (after the stock thermocouple end came off inside of our OEM heater block), we gained the ability to…. Continue reading “Bigger nozzles, faster printing”.

Classical Archaeology and the Makerspace

Cross-posted on my personal blog. A few weeks ago, R. Benjamin Gorham, a Ph.D. candidate in Classical Art & Archaeology at the University of Virginia, visited the Makerspace for a consultation on photogrammetry and 3D printing. Ben has been using GIS, drones, and photogrammetry during his summer excavations in Morgantina, Sicily and wanted to experiment…. Continue reading “Classical Archaeology and the Makerspace”.

3D Printing Historical Artifacts: Enhancing the Qualities Inherent to the Past

 Earlier this fall semester, I ventured to test out the Makerspace’s 3D printer by reproducing a 3D version of Kepler’s platonic solid model. This model was a historical object that I desired to examine in physical form while taking a class on the Scientific Revolution. I desired to study the artifact in such a way…. Continue reading “3D Printing Historical Artifacts: Enhancing the Qualities Inherent to the Past”.