Hack your pants – video

Here’s a quick video to show you how to make your pants pockets bigger!

Fellowship Calls and Grad Student Professional Development

I want to share several developments from the grad programs side of the Lab this semester. It’s been a busy fall, and I’m pleased with all the work the team has put into our programs! For one, the CFPs for two of our fellowship programs are now live. The Praxis Program, which will welcome its…. Continue reading “Fellowship Calls and Grad Student Professional Development”.

Call for Spring 2018 Makerspace Technologist Applications

Are you a UVA graduate student or upper-level undergraduate in the humanities? Come join our team as a Makerspace technologist! Our Makerspace is designed to foster experimentation with 3D printing, modeling, and digitization, physical computing (e.g. Arduino, wearables), virtual reality, and more. For humanists, it is a good way to learn more about experimental and…. Continue reading “Call for Spring 2018 Makerspace Technologist Applications”.

3D Printed Enclosures with OpenSCAD

This is a tutorial on how to use OpenSCAD to design a 3D object via code instead of using a WYSIWYG editor like Tinkercad, Fusion360, etc. We are currently creating a customized media player to allow people to interact with MP3 artifacts. We’ve been working in Python to prepare the audio and wanted to generate…. Continue reading “3D Printed Enclosures with OpenSCAD”.

ISAM 2017 – Libraries are for making

I recently participated in the International Symposium of Academic Makerspaces. I presented a paper, co-authored by Jennifer Grayburn (formerly a Makerspace Technologist, and now at Temple University’s Digital Scholarship Center). I present here the slides and talking notes of the 7 minute presentation, and a link to the full paper [Link to PDF]. Good morning,…. Continue reading “ISAM 2017 – Libraries are for making”.

1st Annual Makerspace Hackontest

Egg Drop Hackontest The Scholars’ Lab staff and Makerspace Technologists completed the first ever annual/biannual/semesterly SLab Makerspace Hackontest. The brain-child of Shane Lin, this contest, in short, was to get SLab staff and Makerspace techs together to create something that would keep an egg from cracking; a spin on the traditional egg drop competitions you…. Continue reading “1st Annual Makerspace Hackontest”.

Raspberry Pi on UVa WiFi Network

The easiest way to get your Raspberry Pi connected to the Internet at the University of Virginia is to use an Ethernet cable. If you want to use wireless, pretty much the only option is to use the hidden “wahoo” network. This is a quick tutorial for getting your Raspberry Pi to connect to the…. Continue reading “Raspberry Pi on UVa WiFi Network”.

Over the Moon and Down to Earth: Scholars’ Lab versions of space

Something about space has gone to our heads here in the Scholars’ Lab.  Any day, I expect to come out of a trance to find I’ve been wearing a motion capture suit while I geo-referenced an historic map, programmed an arduino, flew a drone, and printed a replica of an artifact from an ancient burial…. Continue reading “Over the Moon and Down to Earth: Scholars’ Lab versions of space”.

The state of DH in Slavic Studies, by Kathleen Thompson

In a final wrap up, of what has become a four-part series of blog posts on using 3D-printing in a humanities course, Kathleen Thompson reports back on the ASEEES conference and the state of DH in Slavic studies. The previous posts can be read here: Part 1: Printing in the Classroom: Course Assignments and the Makerspace…. Continue reading “The state of DH in Slavic Studies, by Kathleen Thompson”.

3D printing for fun and presentation

This post is a quick update on a couple of projects by students who frequent the makerspace. All of the students who use the space are doing amazing things, and we hope to highlight some of those projects like this more often. The project write ups are written by the students themselves. So without further…. Continue reading “3D printing for fun and presentation”.