Grad Student Research

When Old Technology Meets The New: Accessing Windows 95 CD-ROMs through Wine

Up to this point in my academic career I have worked primarily with physical books and I certainly feel most comfortable with this medium. Anything remotely technological frightens me and I’m particularly inept when it comes to simple computer issues (think: getting my computer to talk to my printer, resolving internet connectivity issues, etc.). All…. Continue reading “When Old Technology Meets The New: Accessing Windows 95 CD-ROMs through Wine”.

Inktober 10/21: When Things Break

[Cross-posted from my post on our Praxis page.] The third of my four installments (here’s one and two of Inktober). And oh boy, get ready for some strange-looking sketches in this one. I tried to use a new kind of pen that has two tips and can make way thicker marks, which has resulted in many…. Continue reading “Inktober 10/21: When Things Break”.

Inktober 10/13: Time Pieces and Graphs

[Cross-posted from my post on our Praxis page.] Hello all – three more images for Inktober. The first is a continuation from my previous Inktober post, very simply, two tubes of toothpaste, both almost empty. Was still thinking of the consumption of objects, for two reasons: first, because of their importance to a historical thinker…. Continue reading “Inktober 10/13: Time Pieces and Graphs”.

Inktober 10/5: Three Sketches

[Cross-posted from my post on our Praxis page.] Wanted to put up a few time sketches for our own version of Inktober. I’m aiming for every other day or so, so here’s three. All three have to do with time and consumption.I love going to the movies, and usually opt for the biggest popcorn possible…. Continue reading “Inktober 10/5: Three Sketches”.

Preserving, Reconstructing, & Teaching in 3D

The destruction of historic monuments has been a frequent topic in the news lately due to the Syrian and ISIS conflicts. The destruction of historic mosques and, most recently, the Temple of Baal in Palmyra have sent shockwaves through the international community. The public outcry for cultural casualties has been so overwhelming that it has prompted backlash and criticism questioning the value of…. Continue reading “Preserving, Reconstructing, & Teaching in 3D”.

Time and Praxis: 2015-2016

Time is a massive concept. If you were asked to think about it – how it works, feels, changes, what it looks like, how people go about talking about it, or representing it – where would you start? As a person interested and invested in critical theory, my initial reflex would be to go to philosophers,…. Continue reading “Time and Praxis: 2015-2016”.

Introducing the 2015-2015 Scholars’ Lab Fellows

The Lab has been a busy place lately with 8 new fellows from across the arts, humanities, and social sciences!  Our Graduate Fellows in the Digital Humanities and Praxis Program Fellows join a distinguished community of past fellows. Graduate Fellowship in the Digital Humanities This year, we are delighted to work closely with Veronica Ikeshoji-Orlati and Brandon Walsh. Veronica is…. Continue reading “Introducing the 2015-2015 Scholars’ Lab Fellows”.

Music Genre and Spotify Metadata

Cross-posted on my personal site For the last couple weeks, I have been exploring APIs useful to sound studies for a sound recording and poetry project I am working on with former Scholars’ Lab fellow Annie Swafford. I was especially drawn to playing around with Spotify, which has an API that allows you to access metadata for the large catalog…. Continue reading “Music Genre and Spotify Metadata”.

Virginia Woolf, Natural Language Processing, and the Quotation Mark

[Cross-posted on my personal blog] For my fellowship in the Scholars’ Lab this year I’ll be working with Eric to expand a project we began last year on Virginia Woolf and natural language processing. My dissertation focuses on sound recordings and modernism, and this year I will focus on how Woolf’s quotation marks offer evidence of her engagement…. Continue reading “Virginia Woolf, Natural Language Processing, and the Quotation Mark”.

Announcing 2014-2015 Fellows!

We are thrilled to announce the 2015-2016 Scholar’s Lab fellows for both the Praxis Program and the Graduate Fellowship in the Digital Humanities. We are welcoming 8 fellows from 5 disciplines from the arts, humanities, and social sciences. Our graduate fellows are joining a robust and vibrant community of past fellows! Graduate Fellows in the Digital…. Continue reading “Announcing 2014-2015 Fellows!”.