Experimental Humanities

Learning to Use 3D Printers for the Digital Humanities

As someone who was primarily educated as a humanist and has also worked on projects involving data, I have experience in courageously facing the steep curve of learning new technologies. Curious about both the arts and the sciences and seeing where the two can enhance each other to assist in better, more critical thinking, I…. Continue reading “Learning to Use 3D Printers for the Digital Humanities”.

The Ghost in the Graph: A Recap on Time, Things, and Entanglement

[This post is the protein-rich version of a series of related posts from our Praxis site, with fresh reflections on the process and product now that I’m done. If you want to see originals, check out the project idea, the data itself as I recorded it, a first attempt at a visualization, and a second…. Continue reading “The Ghost in the Graph: A Recap on Time, Things, and Entanglement”.

Physical Computing at DHSI 2015

In the beginning of June I had the pleasure of attending the Digital Humanities Summer Institute at the University of Victoria for the second year running. My experience this year was so good that I wanted to write a quick post sharing some of the highlights – so if you’re thinking of going to DHSI,…. Continue reading “Physical Computing at DHSI 2015”.

Summer in the Makerspace: Mucha Smart Dress, Part I

Bonjour à tous! I haven’t written in a long time because I wanted to wait for something very special to share. With Laura and Purdom’s encouragement, I am undertaking the creation of a wearable technology piece that I have dubbed (tentatively), the “Mucha Smart Dress,” which I hope to finish by mid-July…so I can wear it…. Continue reading “Summer in the Makerspace: Mucha Smart Dress, Part I”.

NinjaFlex on the Makerbot

Announcing version 0.1 public beta of the Scholars Lab Makerspace Ninjaflex profile for Makerbot Replicators! We’ve had two spools of Ninjaflex flexible filament for about as long as we’ve had our Makerbot Replicator 2. We’ve tried to print with it from time to time, but seldom with very good result. With our Rep2 dialed in and…. Continue reading “NinjaFlex on the Makerbot”.

Linking Out

I’m in the Accessible Future workshop in Atlanta, and we’d had a interesting conversation about how, and how often, web content should “link out” to pages beyond ones own web site. I feel like we’ve talked about this topic every workshop, and there are lots of interesting issues that keep coming up that I never…. Continue reading “Linking Out”.

Adventures in 3D Printer Maintenance

Recently, the fan on the bottom of our Makerbot Replicator Dual Extruder began to make some unhealthy noises. Per SLab desk protocol, the first attempt at a remedy was to smack the thing near where it was making the noise, which made it go away for a little while. Eventually, we got tired of hitting our…. Continue reading “Adventures in 3D Printer Maintenance”.

Printing Things That Print: A Miniature Hand-Press Project

For the past few months, fellow English PhD candidate James Ascher and I have had a small side-project going on in the Makerspace: printing a small, desktop-sized hand press, and getting it to work consistently.  The model we found calls it a “Pocket Gutenberg,” but the idea of a small, hand-powered, personal “hobby” printing press…. Continue reading “Printing Things That Print: A Miniature Hand-Press Project”.

Neatline 2.4.0

We’re happy to announce a new version of Neatline which adds a couple new features along with resolving a few small issues. The two main features in this release  were implemented based on community feedback. First, it’s now possible to set the opacity of a WMS layer when its selected using the “selected” opacity setting. Previously…. Continue reading “Neatline 2.4.0”.

Spring 2015 Makerspace Workshops

Introduction to Omeka Wednesday, January 28 10:00 am–11:30 am · Alderman Library, Room 421 Omeka is a simple, free, web publishing system developed at the Roy Rosensweig Center for History and New Media at George Mason University. It was specifically built to enable scholars, archives, libraries, museums, and independent researchers to create online exhibits of…. Continue reading “Spring 2015 Makerspace Workshops”.