UVa Library Fall 2015 GIS Workshops

All sessions are one hour and assume attendees have no previous experience using GIS.  Sessions will be hands-on with step-by-step tutorials with expert assistance.  All sessions will be taught on Thursdays from 3PM to 4PM in the Alderman Electronic Classroom, ALD 421 (adjacent to the Scholars’ Lab).  Sessions are free to attend and are open…. Continue reading “UVa Library Fall 2015 GIS Workshops”.

Podcast: Ben Wright and Joesph Locke on Creating American Yawp

Democratizing the Digital Humanities: The American Yawp as Case Study After a year-long collaboration, over 350 historians have produced a beta edition of The American Yawp, a free and online, collaboratively built, open American history textbook designed for college-level history courses. This talk will explore the creation and dissemination of this project, the landscape of…. Continue reading “Podcast: Ben Wright and Joesph Locke on Creating American Yawp”.

Podcast: Rob Nelson on Topic Modeling in the Humanities

The Potential and Pitfalls of Topic Modeling for Humanities Research This talk will introduce the text-mining technique called topic modeling, briefly explaining what it is and how it’s done. It will then turn to more substantial questions: what does this technique offer humanities researchers and what are its methodological limitations and problems? Both the potential…. Continue reading “Podcast: Rob Nelson on Topic Modeling in the Humanities”.

Podcast: Thorny Staples on Managing Smithsonian Research Data

Managing the Record of Research at the Smithsonian Can institutions effectively manage cross-team digital research data in real time? Can it preserve that data so that it can be seamlessly presented in conjunction with publications? To answer those questions, the Smithsonian Institution has built a first pilot system, called SIdora, designed to be used by…. Continue reading “Podcast: Thorny Staples on Managing Smithsonian Research Data”.

Moving People/Linking Lives DH Symposium

I am pleased to announce that “Moving People, Linking Lives: An Interdisciplinary Symposium” will take place March 20-21, 2015 at the University of Virginia. Friday, March 20 events will take place in the Kaleidoscope Room. Saturday, March 21 events will take place in Alderman 421 except for an evening reception, location to be determined. Presentations…. Continue reading “Moving People/Linking Lives DH Symposium”.

Podcast: Jentery Sayers on Remaking the Past

Remaking Victorian Miniatures: The Speculative Stitches between 2D and 3D In both digital humanities and popular culture, there is a rapidly growing interest in big data. How not to read a million books? How to wrangle petabytes of data? How to discover and express patterns across thousands of images? Frequently, this research is framed as…. Continue reading “Podcast: Jentery Sayers on Remaking the Past”.

Podcast: Kari Kraus on Humanistic Design

Finding Faultlines: An Approach to Humanistic Design Historically we know that many new technologies have inherited parts from prior technologies. The skateboard remediated the surfboard; the camera pilfered from the gun; the telephone harvested batteries and wires from the telegraph; and early models of the phonograph borrowed the treadle mechanism of the sewing machine. In…. Continue reading “Podcast: Kari Kraus on Humanistic Design”.

The Fellows are Coming! The Fellows are Coming!

As the fall term begins, we are delighted to welcome our 9 (!) SLab Fellows. Ranging across 5 disciplines from the arts, humanities, and social sciences. Our Graduate Fellows in the Digital Humanities and Praxis Program Fellows join a distinguished community of past fellows. Graduate Fellows in the Digital Humanities We are excited about the…. Continue reading “The Fellows are Coming! The Fellows are Coming!”.