Welcoming Eric Rochester!

The Scholars’ Lab is very pleased to welcome Dr. Eric Rochester as the new Senior Developer on our R&D team!

Eric is an accomplished computational linguist and digital humanities scholar and developer. His past work includes appointments with the Oxford University Press and Georgia’s Linguistic Atlas projects, as well as consultancies and programming positions at a number of technology firms. Eric’s doctorate is in English from the University of Georgia, where he concentrated on medieval literature and wrote a dissertation entitled Schwa: A Dictionary Pronunciation Database SystemSchwa examines the production of lexicographical pronunciations, both from a technical and a theoretical perspective, and establishes a set of best practices, well-grounded in the history and present state of dictionary pronunciation. To test his research and theorizing, Eric implemented a lexicographical pronunciation system — and he’ll be bringing that brand of thoughtful, iterative scholarly software development to his new role in the SLab.

You can find more information about Eric at his website and follow @erochest on Twitter. He starts on Monday, and we’re thrilled that he and his wife Jackie and daughter Melina are joining the Scholars’ Lab family!

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