Welcome Senior Developer Shane Lin!

The Scholars’ Lab team is thrilled to welcome Shane Lin as our new Senior Developer!

Shane first joined the Scholars’ Lab as a Praxis Program graduate fellow in 2012. Since then, he’s served as a Technologist in our Makerspace, where he’s provided invaluable guidance on research and pedagogy related to desktop fabrication and physical computing. This past academic year, Shane was a Digital Humanities graduate fellow and worked on software to study networks of information exchange related to cryptography on Usenet lists. That fellowship work contributes to his doctoral work in History at UVA, and his dissertation on the history of cryptography and evolving notions of privacy since 1975.

In addition to being an incredible developer and scholar, Shane is a talented photographer, and has taken nearly all the photos of our staff and students. Come by the Lab to say hi to Shane, or welcome him via email at ssl2ab at virginia.edu.

As Design Architect, I focus on front-end development, user interface, user experience, and aesthetics for Scholars' Lab projects, but I know enough programming to cause trouble for the folks in R&D. In addition to helping faculty and students on their research projects, I keep office hours and do research and teaching for our Makerspace. I'm…

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