Social Media and the Inauguration

Social Media in the SLab Join us in the Scholars’ Lab Monday morning through Wednesday night next week, as we project the social media landscape surrounding next week’s historic presidential inauguration.

We’ll be showing real-time Twitter and Flickr feeds that record people’s responses to the event and their efforts at citizen-journalism. We’ve also created a home-grown geospatial visualization so that you can follow the worldwide conversation!

Visit the Lab for a little social interaction of your own, or access the site (which includes more information and related links) online.

Bess Sadler is currently Software Developer at Stanford University and was formerly Chief Architect for the Online Library Environment and Research and Development Librarian at University of Virginia Library


  1. Social media coverage of the Inauguration at the Scholars’ Lab was featured on a central Virginia NPR station!

    “While millions of Americans gathererd around their TV sets to watch the inauguration of President Barack Obama, the University of Virginia offered a brave new alternative — a room where the big screen would also feature social media such as Twitter and Flickr. WVTF’s Sandy Hausman stopped by and was surprised by what she discovered.”

    Here’s an MP3 of the program:


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