Day of Digital Humanities 2009

Ever wonder how folks in the Scholars’ Lab spend their day?  Bethany Nowviskie, Director of Digital Research & Scholarship at the UVA Library and Joseph Gilbert, Head of the Scholars’ Lab, recently participated in the “Day in the Life of the Digital Humanities” project initiated by our friends at the University of Alberta.  The “Day of DH” project encouraged scholars, administrators, students, and others who self-identify as “digital humanists” to blog about their day on March 18, 2009.  You can read about Bethany’s day and Joseph’s day, as well as the experiences of a host of other participants.

Bethany directed the Scholars' Lab from 2007 to 2015, and is now Director of the Digital Library Federation at CLIR, the Council on Library and Information Resources. She remains affiliated with UVa as a Research Associate Professor of Digital Humanities in the English Department. Computing humanist/humane computationalist since 1996. Formerly director of the Scholars' Lab…

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