Sounding Scholarship: A Workshop on Making Your Research Sing

Hello! My name is Emily and I’m part of the 2018-19 Praxis cohort. This month, we’ve been thinking about pedagogy and specifically about how to translate our research interests into teachable workshops. If (fellow Praxis member) Catherine’s workshop is secretly about metaphysics, mine might be secretly about sound studies. The workshop revolves around the central…. Continue reading “Sounding Scholarship: A Workshop on Making Your Research Sing”.

Starting off on the Right Foot (Part One)

This post is the first in a series that contextualizes my current project, Digital Skriker, within a larger tradition of studying and archiving stage movement. My project explores both the theoretical cruxes and archival possibilities enabled by robust and increasingly accessible motion capture and virtual reality technologies using Caryl Churchill’s play, The Skriker (1994) as…. Continue reading “Starting off on the Right Foot (Part One)”.

String Theory, or: Let’s Explore Social Networks with String!

For the last few weeks, the Praxis Fellows have been workshopping workshops designed to render the digital humanities methods we use in our own research accessible (and useful) to undergraduates. If that sounds meta, it’s because it is! But the process has also helped distill some interesting digital humanities methods into their fundamental concepts. In…. Continue reading “String Theory, or: Let’s Explore Social Networks with String!”.

Teaching Transcription (and Secretly Metaphysics)

As part of the Praxis program’s unit on pedagogy, each member of the cohort has developed a low-tech workshop on a digital humanities topic. Mine focuses on print-to-digital transcription, and the materials are freely available here: lesson plan and slides. Below, I share some reflections on how I came to this topic and what my…. Continue reading “Teaching Transcription (and Secretly Metaphysics)”.

Twitterature: Mining Twitter Data

Hello again, everybody! I’m back this semester as a DH Prototyping Fellow, and together, Alyssa Collins and I are working on a project titled “Twitterature: Methods and Metadata.” Specifically, we’re hoping to develop a simple way of using Twitter data for literary research. The project is still in its early stages, but we’ve been collecting…. Continue reading “Twitterature: Mining Twitter Data”.

Call for Digital Humanities Fellows Applications – 2019-2020

We are now accepting applications for the 2019-2020 DH Fellows Cohort! Applications are due Friday, November 30th. The Digital Humanities Fellowship supports advanced doctoral students doing innovative work in the digital humanities at the University of Virginia. The Scholars’ Lab offers Grad Fellows advice and assistance with the creation and analysis of digital content, as well as…. Continue reading “Call for Digital Humanities Fellows Applications – 2019-2020”.

A Toolkit […?] the Public Domain

January 1, 2019 is Public Domain Day. This means that all copyrighted works published in the year 1923 will suddenly become available for anyone to publish, distribute, or reuse in their own derivative creations. To seize the moment, our Praxis cohort will spend the next nine months constructing a “public domain toolkit.” Since the project…. Continue reading “A Toolkit […?] the Public Domain”.

Text Mining and Digital Humanities

I’m proud to join Praxis 18-19 cohort and pleased to begin blogging here. Nowadays, tremendous amounts of textual data are available, the volume and variety of data have exceeded the capacity of manual analysis. Computationally-driven text analysis, as a helpful tool for examining elements such as word frequencies, co-occurrence, and ‘topics’ of large corpus data,…. Continue reading “Text Mining and Digital Humanities”.

I/O: Reading & writing as a digital humanist

In which we consider our different practices of reading and writing. Tell us a bit about yourselves. AS: My name is Ammon Shepherd. I’m a Digital Humanities Developer and I help out in the Makerspace. I work in fits and spurts on different projects, and my reading kind of reflects that. BW: I’m Brandon Walsh,…. Continue reading “I/O: Reading & writing as a digital humanist”.

Job opening: Come advocate for our users!

[As of 9/28/2018, we updated the length of the User Advocate position’s appointment to 18 months (with the possibility of 6 months’ renewal). This post has been edited significantly since its original posting to reflect this change. Contact with any questions.] We’re seeking an additional colleague for our R&D team: Development and Testing Outreach…. Continue reading “Job opening: Come advocate for our users!”.