Podcast: Open Access Week Speaker – Gail McMillan

UVa Library Open Access Week Speaker: Gail McMillan Graduate Student Publishing and Open Access: Understanding the Digital Landscape of Open Access Publishing for Theses and Dissertations On October 29, 2013, Gail McMillan, Director of Digital Libraries and Archives at Virginia Tech, spoke in Alderman Library about her research on the effects of open access for…. Continue reading “Podcast: Open Access Week Speaker – Gail McMillan”.

Better :focus

Whenever I’ve taught folks how to do some basic HTML and CSS, the first thing they want to change are the styles for links on the page. And who can blame them? The default colors for links are pretty lame, as you can see in my first example page on CodePen. For those who don’t…. Continue reading “Better :focus”.

GIS Day 2013

November 20, 2013 was GIS Day.  In our annual tradition here in the Scholars’ Lab, we hosted a round of lighting talks with a variety of speakers including several groups from the Shenandoah Valley Governor’s School.   As always, the had a great mix of disciplines and uses of GIS.  Thanks again to all the…. Continue reading “GIS Day 2013”.

Tongue-tied in CSS

Learning programming languages is both exciting, fascinating, and a bit overwhelming for me. While I find that I’m typically pretty good at learning new languages I’m having difficulty getting energized about learning the back end of building what we see on the web. Ironically, one of the main reasons I applied for Praxis was to…. Continue reading “Tongue-tied in CSS”.

Role Journals, Texts, Pedagogy, and Pragmatism

In her recent post on the Scholars’ Lab, Francesca gave a quick rundown on some of the similarities and differences between the approaches of our two wire-framing teams. I have to confess that I was surprised by a couple of her concerns, and I’d like here to clarify the reasoning behind our strong focus on…. Continue reading “Role Journals, Texts, Pedagogy, and Pragmatism”.

Sticky Situations: Lessons in Group Cohesion

Over the past couple of weeks, we Praxers have been wire-framing two distinct visions of the Ivanhoe game in two groups – Eliza, Scott, and Stephanie in one, Francesca, Zach, and I in the other. On Wednesday we presented our visions to each other and our dedicated Scholars’ Lab mentors. (Francesca has written an excellent…. Continue reading “Sticky Situations: Lessons in Group Cohesion”.

Two Ivanhoes, One Direction

Over the past few weeks our team of six divided into two subgroups to try and wireframe out our respective visions of Ivanhoe (see Veronica’s excellent post for more details on how these groups were organized). After coming together and presenting each of our ideas, I was immediately struck by the similarities between our projects…. Continue reading “Two Ivanhoes, One Direction”.

Stephen Covey intervenes in wire-framing Ivanhoe

When the SLab folks recommended we split into groups and begin creating wireframes for our Ivanhoe games, my first thought was, “How can we start building when we don’t really know what we’re doing yet?”  However, talking about what we were doing in the abstract had been generating somewhat circular discussion, so I took a…. Continue reading “Stephen Covey intervenes in wire-framing Ivanhoe”.

Thinking Through Doing While Losing My Marbles

Last Monday, at the suggestion of our Scholars’ Lab mentors, the Praxis cohort divided into two teams to start wire-framing some of our ideas for the Ivanhoe Game. The initial thought was to divide into groups along a theoretical Type I/Type II DH divide, as identified by Stephen Ramsay. Many of us Praxers, however, are…. Continue reading “Thinking Through Doing While Losing My Marbles”.

Podcast: Sukanta Chaudhuri

Institute of the Humanities & Global Cultures Speaker: Sukanta Chaudhuri Many Tagores: Travels through a Variorum Website On September 12, 2013, Professor Sukanta Chaudhuri, Professor of English Literature at Jadavpur University and a Digital Humanities scholar, spoke in Alderman Library at the conclusion of his residence at UVa as an Institute of the Humanities &…. Continue reading “Podcast: Sukanta Chaudhuri”.